"this vs. that" thrad

do we have one of these yet? kinda like “dumb q” kinda like “worth it?”

anyway i need a 700c/29er disc wheelset. i’m honestly not sure what i’m gonna use it for, but it’ll be on a sutra frame. so, either touring or cross duty.

my two best options, from what i’ve unearthed so far, appear to be:

velocity blunt


mavic tn719


halp? then post yr own this or that, and get halp too.

god, no sol. what a horrible remake.

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Solbros vs patricky vs spacetime

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does spacetime=kassebaum?

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then he/they win(s)

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That would make sense actually.

Toast, I was in the same position recently, however I still wanted the option to run regular brakes. I ended up going with Sun Ringle’s Dirty Flea hubs to Venus rims. Our Sun dude, Russell, has these on his cross bikes and loves em. I was also considering the Ryno Lites for a while aswell. I don’t have my wheels yet but I thought you might like to consider this option. I’ll report back once I get em.

i don’t know shit about those parts. but what i do know is that most mavic rims have welded joints, and most velocity rims have sleeved joints.

What size tires are you planning on running? Also, 135 spacing?

That’ll be a major factor when looking at disk 29er wheels as in many cases the rims are pretty wide. For example the blunt probably can’t take much smaller than a 35 or 40 mm tire.

Velocity makes a “fusion disk” wheel set with with road disk hubs (130 spacing though) and fusion rims. It’s a cool set-up. Mavic’s “Speedcity” wheels also have a narrower rim.

Or, you could just get em built up. XT hubs to Delgado Cross or any low profile rim would be pretty sweet!

The front wheel on my cross bike is XTR to DT Swiss RR1.1.

Handspun is QBP’s in house wheelbuilder’s so you can order them from any bike shop. They have many 29er combos of XT hubs/ various rims. I doubt your LBS can match AEbike, but a rear XT/Velocity blunt is $91 there:
I just looked at the matching front and couldn’t find it/ all the fronts cost over $100. Buy that one, or have your LBS buy it, that’s crazy cheap.

Get the Blunts.
Those wheels are awesome, my roommate has em.

won’t need rim brakes, sutra is disc-specific. fuck, that aebike rear looks too good to pass up. and, yea, 135 spacing. something feels wrong about paying more for a front than a rear, but oh well.

only thing holding me back about the blunt is the width. i’m not entirely sure what the sutra will do, but i’d love to be able to use 28’s or 30’s on road rides. hmm

In the spirit of “this vs that”, I’m gonna go ahead and say in “28s vs 32s”, 28s ain’t shit. They’re a slow 25, with not enough of the cushy benefits of a 32.

i’m about to bust out some 28 gators to replace the cityrides that came w/ the cass

will report

back on topic IRON MAIDEN vs JUDAS PRIEST???


maiden no doubt. also 28 is my fav tire size.

28 Rimbos on the geared bike. Like em lots!

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