This weekend's adventure

Did a good ride yesterday from Cark and Devon to the Metra station in Harvard IL along US route 14.
Started at 5:00am

Rolled through Little India to Lincoln ave in the predawn calm

Headed North

As the sun came up, it started to rain. We are not amused.

Stopped in Arlington Heights to readjust my map and have a snack

Cog road:

After endless suburbs, farmland at 9:30am

the rumble strip is not your friend.


After I put the tire back on, the wheel started to feel all hoppy and like it was going to blow out so I stopped and deflated the tire and checked the bead again to make sure that I hadn’t pinched the tube or something. Everything looked fine but when I reinflated the tire, the hop persisted so I rode out 15 miles on the hoppy tire cut the ride short when I reached Harvard where the last Metra train stop is and took the train back into the city istead of finishing out the last 15 or 20 miles to my parrents’ house on a bike with a suspect tire.

that looks fun rudy!

i have friends that live in arlington heights!

You have friends everywhere!

i need a new tire, and i need to adjust my brakes and derailleurs.

i’m jealous of this. maybe i’ll get on that.


that’s tight/inspirational

Nice one Rudy. Your crosscheck is looking good and freddish these days. That rumble strip on the other hand is pretty horrible. Was traffic light enough for you to just ride on the road?

I had a meeting with CalTrans, californias highway authority, and they found it odd that cyclists would want the rumble strip on the same path as the white line… fucking clueless.

Way to puss out, pussy.

what are you talking about? riding the line is fucking pro. the rumble strip would completely defeat that.

come on, dude. i’m racing the tour every time i ride.

sounded like an awesome ride!!!

rumble strips are cunt sacs

Your vocabulary, expand it.

15 mph? Fuckin turbo.

Nice ride dude! The rain can’t be that bad, just need a rainjacket next time. Your transformation into ultra Fred (aka randonneur) appears to be almost there. You’ll need a Sam Browne belt or reflective vest for those predawn starts, too :bear:

Your vocabulary, expand it.[/quote]

will do

looks like fun.
if your destinationless i hear sheridan is a really nice ride once you pass evanston.
i’m planning a trip this fall up to wisconsin to a trout farm to do some fishing, we do business with the farm and i’m hoping to get some perks. how are the roads up there?

The roads were actually surprisingly good except for when semi trucks forced me onto the damn rumble strip.

rumble strips on the white line are a good thing for us.

Yeah, then you get to ride on the other side of the line with the safety net of rumble strip between you and the cars.
That would be awesome.