ti frames?

what’s available out there for titanium frames?
i’m ambivalent as to track or road. probably a road bike if i was going to spend all the money.
custom not necessary.
i’m really just curious, probably never going to buy anything in this lifetime.
how low can prices get? i guess i always have ebay too.
thinking gene spicer or soul cycles or something? i kind of loathe buying from bikesdirect.
and i do love a bit of class.

I am partial to Merlin or older Lightspeed.

dont buy ti, it rides like a wet noodle. It just really isnt a material that lends itself to being stiff at all, and especially isnt worth the money.


Moots has a cool name. Moots. Moots moots moots.

There’s a guy that lives close by who regularly leaves his Moots XC ride on the roof rack of his car overnight. I think I want to borrow it.

Buy a Colnago.

If you watch eBay your best bets are old Lightspeeds or a Dean. There were also some Lemond ti bikes for a while. Spicer will build a custom road/track frame for $1350.

In terms of value, a used complete is often a good way to go.

It’s true. A guy who works at the shop has a Merlin roadie that he loves, and is determined to have a stable full of Ti. He’s thinking of having Moots make a ti tarck bike based off his steamroller’s geometry.

Doooooooooo it.

I like Moots: