TIG Frame Repair A.K.A. FUCK!

So I just fucking walked out to find my Serotta had been kicked into the tree I had locked it to. I was inside of this bar for like 30 minutes, and the bike was locked up around the front wheel and downtube with one of those big 10lb krypto chains. The front wheel is out of true, but salvageable. There’s marks and dents from about 2cm from the HT to half way down the DT. It looks like if you crunched in the side of a beer can. The frame is 853 and TIG welded.

  1. Last fucking time I lock any of my nice bikes anywhere.
  2. Is this shit repairable? I’ve not heard of getting TIGed frames repaired, but if I can I will.
  3. There’s a chance there was a security camera pointed at it, so I might be able to see what was going on.

To really drive the idiocy of the whole situation home, I had gotten off of work at 11pm, worked on the bike some. And, then I wanted to ride it around to see if all was well as there’s a big race in Columbus this Saturday. I stopped for a beer, literally said hi to one person, and then I find this shit.

So yeah, aside from frustration, my question is, is this shit repairable?

According to Anvil it’s repairable: http://www.anvilbikes.com/?news_ID=19&catID=3

Now I just need to find someone to do it…hopefully for cheaper than a whole new frame.

if i caught someone doing that to my bike…

fuck, i can only imagine what a nightmare this must be.

You took tour serotta to a bar?!
sorry dude.

that sucks, dude.

[quote=bold]You took tour serotta to a bar?!
sorry dude.[/quote]

Yeah, I only have two nicer bikes right now, no beater. Normally I would have taken my cyclocross bike but I was checking over the fit and everything on this one. I locked it up more than well enough, not really sure what I could have done to prevent it other than just not ride it. I don’t want to ride anything other than a shitty conversion around the city now.

bummer, but it doesnt look as bad as i expected it. i’m racin in that alleycat too

damn that really sucks. did you ride it home? it looks like it might be rideable.

Yeah, I rode it home, it’s really not that fucked. It’s not even immediately noticeable in person, but feels bad when you run your hand over it. There’s a fold in the paint at one point. I’m still really pissed. It’s looking like I could get the tube replaced for around $200 through Bilenky or Joe Bell, although I’m hoping to do it locally if I do. Then I’d have a get a repaint…gulp, not sure that’s worth it given the damage.

I’ll still ride it.I’m guessing probably not great to ride for forever though? I’m not going to be able to afford to have it repaired for a awhile, if at all I guess.

Edited to add:

Awesome, say hi! This is my backpack, probably my most identifying feature on the bike http://seagullbags.com/backpack/img/backpack-main.jpg

i’m no framebuilder, but it is steel and i really don’t think it would just fail catastrophically

Just checked straightness using the string method, and it all checks out. Not so bad after all.

Guess I’ll just ride it until it starts to get worse, if it ever will.

Why the hell would anyone do that to a bike?!?!?!
Do you have any enemies? Perhaps a contender for that allecat win?

what the fuck is wrong with people?!

is that some ultra-thin tubing or something? looks like someone kicked it pretty ahrd to do that.

It had been twisted around the tree, leveraging it against the tree using the lock. I kept thinking kicked because the wheel was kind of off too, and my light had been messed with, but I’m wondering now if someone fell or was pushed into it.

But yeah, it’s also pretty thin tubing, Serotta’s version of 853.

I’d be less pissed if I actually had good reason to stop and lock it up, or if I even had fun inside, but nope, just got a beer and left. Shit happens I guess…I just wish it would have happened to something that was replaceable and not my favorite bike.

I wonder if you can straighten that out a little with the block of wood with a hole trick.

Will you elaborate?

A frame painter on bikeforums says he has luck taking a block of hardwood and drilling a hole of the same diameter of the tube to be repaired. He then cuts the block in half, adds some grease and puts the frame and blocks in a vice. Twist the frame in the blocks to slowly work the dents out. It would probably require a repaint of the dented area.