tight clearances...suck sometimes

so i finally went to replace my pos headset from that farleigh i got a while ago. dan at shifter pulled the fork out and the bottom cup just came out by hand…fucking hell. the crown race came off just as easy.

anyway, we thew in a new Tange headset (that fit tightly) and screw in the fork. the crown got closer and closer to the DT until…chip!..it connected and took some paint with it. anyone ever heard of this happening? i know i can just put a spacer under the crown race or something, i just filed a bit from the top and edge so its all good, but fuck…

turns out that its yellow under the metalic purple as well…shit…

Wait, the fork crown intersected with the downtube? Is this a flat top crown? Hell.

This isn’t a very tarck thing to say, but tight clearances suck pretty much all of the time. Could you post a picture of this? I am finding it a little hard to picture.

I can see it happening. Flat crown on a smaller bike.

the shit was loose because you had JIS headset and your fork crown was cut for 26.4 crown already.

the other thing cnofuses me.
are you saying the lower race from the headset hit your downtube?
or did you rotate the bars and your fork crown hit your downtube?
or your fork crown just hit the downtube without even rotating the bars?

yeah, sorry i was a bit unclear, i wrote it while eating breakfast. when rotated to 90˚the corner of the flat top crown skims the underside of the downtube. its not something that would ever happen during a ride, except in a crash. its just something that neither of us expected to happen. you know those moments in the middle of an upgrade or a fix and something fucks up out of nowhere…like while tightening my seatpost clamp i stripped the nut thingy…fuck.

i’ll post pics tomorrow.

See? Unicrown avooids that issue.

So unicrowns are good for overlap avoision.

dooktruck’s yamaguchi amost does that.
it has like 1mm of clearance.

[quote="(|)"]dooktruck’s yamaguchi amost does that.
it has like 1mm of clearance.[/quote]

see…? my bike is rad.


That farleigh’s been a can of worms so far.

You’re the worm, you MAGGOT from ILLINOIS


sloped crowns ftw

I love the look of the sloped lugged crown on my crosscheck, but unicrown forks can suck it.
Also, the double plate fork on that farleigh is beautiful.

True that it won’t happen while riding - like you said, it could happen in a wreck, but it could also happen if the bike simply fell over.

and like i said…i filed off a bit from the top edge and its all good now.

the whole thing just came as a bit of a shock. i’m keeping my double plate crown and unicrowns can burn in hell where they belong.

and yes, the bike has been a can of worms, but i’m determined to make it perfect…now who has some old DA hubs they wanna sell me to build a sick set of wheels for it?

Cane Creek makes a special version of the S3 with 5mm extra lower stack height. This might be enough to clear the downtube.

i’m thinking it might be a great excuse to get an old Campy Record HS. they look like they have a bigger bottom cup.