Tirck Tarck

Hey Tarck people!

This is my first post, but I am like, a totally obsessive stalker lurker guy.

Aaanyways, I will probably start posting more but for now I have something to share!

I wanted a place to talk about fixed gear tricks because it didn’t appear that one existed yet.

Sooo, I’ve started: http://tricktrack.freeforums.org/

It’s mostly a shell for now, but I plan to add a whole bunch of trick tip tutorials and discussions about trick physics and stuff like that. I really like teaching and sharing and blabbing, so I hope tirck tarck will accomplish all that. Oh, and if it gets flooded with haters I will moderate it with a smiling iron fist!

Go join my forum and talk about tarck tircks!! :colbert:

I rode a wheelie once.

From Tirck Tarck:



you could have just started a thread here, dick


[quote=“zelah”]you could have just started a thread here, dick


A thread?

Yeah, a single thread ought to cover the entire blossoming… er… ‘sport’ of fixed gear tricks.

I am not trying to detract from tarckbike, in fact, I just joined this forum to bring my enthusiasm and sillypants here too.

I made that forum because tricks on fixed gear bikes are the only ANYTHING on the whole damn internet that have yet to have any forums dedicated to it.

So there, NOW every single possible topic ever has a forum dedicated to it, finally!

Oh, and the hoseclamp toe straps are a work in progress. I am already one iteration past that design, now there isn’t the adjuster on top and the whole strap portion is solid instead of slotted.

I came up with those after breaking nylon/leather straps repeatedly and couldn’t afford to keep replacing them. I worked up from velcro (which worked!) up to this, and these work incredibly well, adjust easily and cost $1.30 at Home Depot.




Actually, this discussion kinda started on BFSSFG (at least, I read it over there first). I commented that I’d love to have a place to talk about fixed-gear freestyle shit because I think it’s cool. My first thought was to see if we could get a specialized forum over here for freestyle because for each person that thinks FG freestyle is cool, there seems to be two people that don’t; a specialized forum here would keep the freestyle stuff out of the faces of those who don’t think it’s cool, yet give the peeps interested in freestyle a tarcked-out MFing place to talk about it. :slight_smile:

Before I got a chance to ping the mods here, however, the site above was posted (both over there and over here.)

Honestly, I’d rather see a specific FG freestyle forum here than another, separate forum site. shrug

put it to a vote tim. if the tarckly masses want it, then it can be done.

Not a bad idea. Lemme see if I can figure that out. :slight_smile:

I posted this in the poll thread you started:

[quote=“mosher”]The only reason I think having a whole forum for the stuff makes sense is because if it really takes off then it would be dumb to have the main source of info for the ‘sport’ be located on some obscure inside joke forum.

And also, again if this weird new thing gets popular, it’d ultimately outgrow this forum and have to move into it’s own place anyways.

Am I making sense?[/quote]

I’m not trying to ruffle feathers here, I think this forum is great, but I also think I am making good points and I want what is best for fixed gear tricks.

but that’s just the thing; if we are ever to come out about our tarckedness, we can’t be hiding in a sub-forum. the ff/sg forum over at bikeforums I think is a pretty good example of a niche forum on a site where most of the traffic thinks about that niche in a very narrow way. nonetheless, I have faith and if there is a tricks forum here I’ll definitely read it.

“cog blogs” sound a lot like “cock blocks”, which are never fun.

id join, but all youd hear from me is either learn to do thirty foot airs out of a quarter pipe or GET A FUCKING BMX

so im not going to join

I think I’m going to start my own forum about pedals, because one thread just can’t cover the evolution and intricacies of the pedal on tarck bikes.

Well, the tricktrack forum isn’t going to disappear. In fact, I am going to start pumping it full of content and reasons to go there.

Quit worrying that I am trying to steal your thunder, tarck will live on, geez!

i’m sensing our 2nd ban?!

so let’s see. you could have a bar spin subforum. one for skids. one for riding awkward backwards circles. that about exhausts what i am aware of. oh, tiny jumps, don’t forget very short jumps.