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I’ve never had trouble with the Stans syringe + hose, but the valve stem design squirrel describes sounds awful and probably prone to failure.


I like to run 100 ml (3 oz freedom units) in my rear tire. YMMV, but I don’t like to John McClane my sealant injection.


[quote=Viggen]Fuck dealing with sealant in a syringe, that is some bullshit. These babies that liquify talks about are the business:

Perfect size/amout of sealant for one tire and dead easy to re-use for a life time.[/quote]

That’s what I use. Clipped the top so it just fits over the valve (stem removed) and squeeze the juice in.


It fits inside the valve with stem removed, no need to clip it.


Finish line is terrible. Tried it. Nope. Can’t seal at all.

The Orange Seal injector is awesome. Is your valve clogged? Run a spoke through it.


Finish Line update:

Pumped the tire up and rode 25 miles on it after work yesterday.

Tire is NOT flat this morning, guess it just needed some spinny spin time to get into all the pores?

Hope it doesn’t blow up this weekend.


When I was setting up the ruiner tubeless, the first tire went fine. Then I started pouring into a Stans injector for the second tire, which then promptly ended up all over the floor because I forgot to put the cap on the hose first. It was the last bit of the bottle, so much glitter to clean up.


that injector comes with a custom plastic dipstick just for this

it’s like a little square ziptie, with one-way teeth for pulling the gunk out


te: finish line- it seems to work pretty well in tubes. there’s like 20 or so shared bikes out in the world with fo ish line in thorn resistant tubes that have been stabbed twice. so far like 2-3 weeks later they’re still holding.


[quote=Viggen][quote=tehschkott]New Q

Rocket Ron or Nobby Nic?

For general all-purpose mountain biking in the Seattle/PNW. Both 2.8in. Both would be set up tubeless on 40mm Scraper rims.[/quote]
NN every time for sure.[/quote]

Counterpoint: Rocket Ron every time for the bike ridy stuff you’ll do up here.


Hey guys, that Slime stuff sucks in new and profound ways. It’s totally useless. I had it in one tire for two weeks and it never held pressure for more than 24 hours. Mostly it was flat after about 4 hours.

Totally useless. Just give that free bottle away, preferably to someone you don’t like. It’s awful.


I thank you for your review, as I just didn’t even open the Slime, and ordered Orange Seal


Yeah, I am mad that I wasted my time mounting two tires which had to be removed in like a week, cleaned up thoroughly, and remounted. Like two hours of my life I’ll never get back.


Frank we’re you having issues with Maxxis tires at the head? This is a Maxxis/Finish Line story:

Girlfriend and I coming down some chunky singletrack and she calls out that’s she has a flat. The hole is like 2 or 3 mm right on the sidewall right next to the bead. We put 2 oz of Finish Line in and it didn’t really seal (I suspect because the finish line shit is gooey and sticks to the sidewall) so we stopped again and poured another 2 oz in, held the sealant right at the bead/hole… and it held!

Still not super impressed with it. But we were using a minimal amount of sealant in 3" tires in this case. Also WTF cutting a 3" Maxxis right by the bead?!


Mine wasn’t any cuts by the bead, but the bead itself splitting or expanding on one section of the tire (say right by the maxxis logo). This blew the tire off the rim (and when mounted would wobble out of true like you broke 2 or three spokes on the same side in a row). And one was a dh casing, which is really thick and is about 3x as difficult to get on the rim. At shop it took 4 people trying to get it on (admittedly some sales) because it tires your forearms out if you don’t have the grip for it. But I could then easily pop it on myself, and then inflating it to 15-20psi would cause it to pop off the rim again.


Ah ok. I was afraid that may have been the case on this tire as well but all seems well now.


I’m gonna buy supwife some new tires for her awful, awful commuter bike. Gatorskin 28’s for flat proofness, anything else out there I should look at?


Curious how Gatorskin compares to Schwalbe Durano if anyone has tried both.


Man I used to love schwalbes ultremo dd on the rear of my road bike. Thick sidewalls for doing dumb things. Didn’t come in 28 tho :frowning:


There’s a 28 folding bead Durano. Could be a good tire, I don’t know.