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Duranos are turds of an entirely new caliber. Imagine if you could make a Gatorskin that was heavier, rode slower, and wore out faster. To be honest, the best turd tire on the market now is the revamped Specialized Armadillos. Same basic weight and while they wear a little faster than a Gatorskin, they have the Gripton compound, which is an improved version of Black Chili (created by the designers of said compound, who now work for Specialized). Then of course there’s the GP 4 Season, which is a little better than both; still turdly but not embarrassingly so.


comes in 32 now as well


Measured my Maxxis Ardent and the old one is 59mm wide while the new one is only 57mm wide. My damn Burts on the rando bike measure 54.5mm. So angry. The Ardents are mounted on ancient Velocity P35 rims that I suppose are limiting their width. I can fit a lot more on the Jeff Jones (though it is not the plus version) so I really need to do something about this.


Ok so looking into this in the morning I now see that 29mm internal is a fine size for a tire labeled 2.4". I guess I didn’t realize that the difference between 2.1 and 2.4" is so miniscule. Wonder how wide I can go before things start to get weird.


You could probably go up to 2,8 or 2,6 without issue, though the shape of the tire could end up kinda light-bulby…


What is similar to an Ardent in those sizes? Or just good all-around tire.


Maxxis? And in 27,5? Front or rear tire?
Minion DHF (Minion DHR II for rear), High Roller II, Spec Purgatory GRID 2Bliss Ready, Butcher for more “gnar”, Schwalbe Nobby Nic or the Hans Dampf also for more “gnar”.

Any of those are all a good pick!


this is for a rigid nerd 29er, his definition of “all-around” is gonna lean more towards an Ikon than a Minion

Nobby Nic comes in 29 x 2.6, but only with the Apex sidewall/bead support: https://www.schwalbe.com/en/offroad-reader/nobby-nic.html


Does Jan expect us to buy this with every Compass tire:



My tire needs are for the rear. Doesn’t have to be Maxxis and in fact it sounds like their quality is being superseded by other companies lately. Schwalbe certainly fit the bill size wise. I feel like their snakeskin tires are not as durable as your average Maxxis or WTB but the Apex might be too much? Yeah I don’t need anything special for this bike or the terrain around here. Would like a reliable tire in terms of sidewall and tubeless bead without being too gravity-oriented, i.e. heavy.


[quote=EddBread]Does Jan expect us to buy this with every Compass tire:

heh, i’m looking at a bike this afternoon that has these.

I’m gonna keep them on too, just for the luls.


Maxxis Rekon+ 584x71mm looks badass
(I like Ikons and Ardents for rear tires)


So I started looking into this tire thing a bit more and am just more confused:

Here is a photo of 26x4", 27.5x3" and 29x2.4" tires side-by-side.

According to the Jones kool-aid the 26 and the 29 are supposed to be the same height. But initial rough measurement tells me there is like a 30mm difference. Here’s another photo with the tires stacked on top of each other so that the hubs are all centered:

26 with 27.5 below:

27.5 with 29 below:

When I spoke to Jones about tire sizes he also said not to bother trying 27.5 mid-fat stuff like the 3" because the bottom bracket would drop too far. But the 27.5x3" is taller than the 4" 26er. I’m pretty certain I can run a pair of 27.5x3" tires in this frame in terms of clearance.

Seems like a nice alternative to the 26/29 combo or way narrower 29" pair. Jeff’s primary concern was the bb height but I can’t imagine it would change in a significant way.

bonus top-down tread shot:

old 29x2.4" ardent: 58.5mm
chronicle 27.5x3": 74mm
mammoth 26x4": 92.5mm


^^ this is what confuses the shit out of me about trying to build a 27.5+ hardtail. I want it to be TUCKT but I can’t find shit for information on how big the tires will actually be. So I think I am going to just buy some tires and mount them and measure it all out before I start brazing anything.

side note: I never have had good experiences with Maxxis tires


I like the 2.8s (terravail) better than the 3.0s (specialized) for trail use. Most of the advantages without feeling like a skinny fat bike.


This is what I initially thought as well. Could you do some measuring of your tires? Wheel height and/or tire width?


I am looking for the curve of the tire. From the highest point to the shoulder. So I can mock that shit up


I can help but not home until July 30. Pm deets or post here?


I won’t be building the frame till the winter. I am in no hurry. I have all the tubes but the chainstays and head tube. I would just rather be riding.

What I need is the distance from the highest point on the tire to the part where it is widest. The curve doesn’t really matter. +/- knobbies. I am probably going to go to my local dork mountain bike shop and see if they have anything in stock at 2.8 or 3", but having more #'s would be helpful. Like if all I can find are maxxis tires but then I buy terravails on a wider rim and it’s mega different that would be a huge bummer.


What’s the best non-carbon rim for plus tires?