tire rolls off of rim

wtf will cause this my tire is coming off of my rim once when i was pumping it up. and once while i was riding. I do not have enough tubes to keep replacing them everytime my tire feels like going on a little roll off the rim.

More info?

If they are clinchers you are not seating the tire properly. If they are tubulars you aren’t gluing the tire properly.

i thought they were seated but i guess you are right that would have to be the problem. They were terry tellus tires 650c-28 on a 650deepV by the way. I just put on my third tube making sure not to pump it up too much this time and make sure it was seated so hopefully i wont have any problems on my commute to class tomorrow

I can’t say I’ve ever dealt with 650s, but it might help if you “pinch and scoot” the tube up inside the tire once the tire’s all the way on the rim… it almost sounds like the tube is getting in between the bead and the rim…?

Do this: once the tire’s totally on the rim, roll it back and forth all the way around. You should be able to see the rim tape, and you shouldn’t be able to see any tube. This way you know the bead isn’t sitting on the tube.

You should always do this! It helps to even out the bead circumferentially as well, which could be another reason it’s popping off.

Are you getting a wierd bulge in the tire after inflating? That would be an indication that you need to do what others have said.


new tire might work better than just throwing new tubes at the problem

Yeah, adding to what bward said, check for a blown-out sidewall on the tire before you waste another tube.


Pretty common issue that goes unnoticed a lot.

only pump the tire to 40psi, then grab the tire like you’re holding a steering wheel and use your thumbs to try and roll the tire off the rim away from you. go all the way around on both sides then pump it up all the way.

I think I figured it out guys. I had been doing all of that stuff the other two times and it still blew off. I was using my friends pump and he neglected to tell me that the damn guage doesnt go over 80 psi. So i was basically just pumping up the tire till the tube exploded. I used my hand pump and im good to go now. Thanks for the help dudders.

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you were just pumping until the tire exploded??? gauge or not, that’s kinda retarded.

yes. but after a tire blows off the rim the tube has a huge hole in it. so a new tube is still mandatory.