to drill or not to drill

so…fuck all this no brakes shit. i’m tired of working my ass off down a hill just in case some stupid fuck cuts me off. the trick is…my badass new(old) track bike isn’t drilled and has very little room for a possible hole. AND i’m not sure i want to fuck up the awesome double plate crown just so i can run a standard brake.

i’m just not sure if i want to a) blow $80 plus shipping for a dia-comp clamp on or b) if its really any big deal at all to just put a damn hole in an old fork…after all, you can’t see the hole when the brake is installed.

I drilled in Eimei fork when in Tokyo (well, Kalavinka drilled it) :colbert:

You could always get a new fork that’s already drilled so you don’t have to ‘ruin’ or risk actually ruining the original

How about getting a different fork?


New fork’ll be cheaper than the stupid clamp on kit.

really? a nice fork? with shipping to australia?

Maybe not with shipping, but I’ve seen the surly fork for like 60 bux US.

the thing is, i would want an equally rad fork. i feel like an idiot taking this thing off and letting is sit around. its meant to be ridden. maybe i just need to come to terms with the fact that it is no longer a track bike if i’m riding it on the street and it needs to be drilled.

is there enough metal to drill here?

No way I’d drill that. Get the stupid clamp kit.

edit: I’d cry if you put a hole in that. I don’t think it’d be that fragile.

[quote=“peedtm”]No way I’d drill that. Get the stupid clamp kit.

edit: I’d cry if you put a hole in that. I don’t think it’d be that fragile.[/quote]

i agree with the professor, don’t drill that.

I just don’t know what the stupid clamp kit is. ... ts_id=3750

keirin brakes clamp on.

That fork kicks ass. Get the clamp.

just get an already drilled, equally rad track fork. you might have to look, but they are out there. if you get the clamp on kit, i would nix any good looks at all, and drilling it…well thats a crime.

keirin brakes clamp on.[/quote]

gah! scary.
Just buy a different fork.


I don’t know if a clamp on brake would. Didn’t someone on here have a problem because their fork had lugs that came down the inside of the fork like that one does? I could be wrong, but yeah, get a different fork. Spicer? Soma?

but how rad is a fork that doesn’t get ridden? i’m not trying to argue, but it had the rad Farleigh “F” on the crown and no way am i gonna find another one already drilled.

I wouldn’t drill it just because there isn’t much room on the fork crown.

If there’s enough room I’d drill it. What’s the point of having a sweet fork you don’t use.

You’re gonna need a veeeeeerrrry short reach calliper for that.