Tool Time or, The Road Tools Thread

This is the thread for talking about what is oppressing you on your rides.
I have this little pouch that’s great for tossing in whatever bag on whatever bike I’m using.

It contains:

  1. A Leyzene mini pump
  2. A Crank Bros M17 multitool
  3. (2) different size wrenches for security bolts
  4. A quick link
  5. A valve core tool and (2) spare valve cores
  6. A Pedro’s lever
  7. A fiberfix spoke
  8. (2) little bottles of Stan’s(which I just added yesterday after needing them and not having them)
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Looks like a good kit. Guess I probably don’t need to think about carrying spare sealant until I go tubeless on both wheels. I do feel like I should get a multitool that has a chain tool but I’m not sure that’s super necessary for commuting

I almost always ride with a Crank Broz m17. I popped a chain at a green light once commuting, occasionally mtb riding, and my friends always be needing to borrow it.

Pen for scale.

I carry most of this stuff on most rides. Easy to throw in whatever bag or fanny pack I have that day. I need to get some new co2 cartridges, apparently, but I usually have either a frame pump or lezyne travel pump.

wtf is that crescent wrench for

Fixed gear wheels, no QR on them.

Also comes in handy when I’m riding with people that are on bikes without lots of allen bolts, because those people don’t tend to carry their own tools / take care of their crap.

I bring a box wrench instead of an adj wrench for bolt-on wheels, since once i stripped a track nut on my commuter using the adj wrench once.

i need to get my ride toolkit back together – i’ve been seriously testing my luck on mtb rides by bringing a multitool and nothing else. More space for snacks in the feedbag.

A few years ago a coworker 3D printed a crescent wrench as the first test print on our new ultem printer.
Felt really solid, wonder if they sell lightweight/strong plastic wrenches for infrequent use?


is that functional?

That’s just a photo I found on the internet so not sure.
The wrench printed at work: yes, after taking a dip in some lye that dissoved the support material

Here’s something I wrote recently that folks may find useful:

Interested to see other’s setups.

Used to be pretty solidly behind the bag (and pump) per bike idea, but that was easy enough when I only had 2-3 bikes and not the 6 I have now, and only two of them sharing the same size tube. Trying to figure out now if it’s worth the effort to set up a common tool bag for all (or most) or just spend all the monies on getting everything setup on its own.

I used to have a feed bag with mechanic stuff I moved between bikes but got sick of it. Now they both have their own and I like it better. YMMV.

I’d definitely prefer separate for each. I’m just getting burned out on all the shopping and spending money this year has needed (lots of unplanned non-bike stuff).

The obvious solution here is less bikes.

what about a core tookit for all bikes that gets moved around, and strap a spare tube on the saddle of each bike?

This is exactly what I’ve been doing.

That’s precisely what I was doing.

Yeah, I’ve slowly been moving towards having a tool kit for each bike. Still need a few more items before the final conversion. Having bikes with different sized tubes totally screwed my universal repair kit dream.
I think the consumer guilt of owning 4 mini tools kept me from moving forward for a long time but :shruggie: at this point I already have 3 so…

Been considering just that, just need to stop watching so much TV and actually think about it.

So much this. I already have 4, what’s 2 more (of everything)? And really, I could easily share between the two bikes with the same size tubes, so now that’s only 1 more of everything.

Speaking of tool bags, does anyone know of other manufacturers making X-pac pouches like these? Looks like Topo Designs is out of stock.

My current tool pouch is the small size Topo accessory bag in cordura. Perfect size for my mini pump. Only complaint is that the front pocket of my ozette isn’t very water proof and takes the brunt of the rain while riding. Bag also isn’t water proof so tool kit gets soaked and stays wet unless I take it all out & spread to dry.

Maybe I should just sew my own X-pac tool bags this winter and seam seal / use water proof zippers.