Transition Dirt jumper- PBR saddle, Hope hubs, etc $old

Time to part with my Transition Trail-or-Park and likely upgrade to a new PBJ.

Hope Pro 2 hubs to Spank rims
Diety cranks and handlebars (Currently has Same Pilgrim black bars with more rise, but I can include these white ones if you want.)
ODI Sensus Lite grips
Manitou 20mm fork
Transition PBR saddle (likely from Transition Double around the same time). So many comments about this saddle. Thought about keeping it, but colors on new PBJ wouldn’t match.
A small dent in top tube, but steel don’t care.

Will ship at buyers expense via bikeflights

the rotors that the pro peleton’s mom warned you about.

i super wish i had time to carve out for pimp tracking…

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Yeah, the rotor feels like shit, but never cared to swap it. Not like I ever got going that fast. Luckily a friend in central PA is buying it, so I don’t have to ship it.

was mostly just joking that it looks like a sw8 sawblade

Damn I wish I saw this before