Truly Bombproof Hubs

I saw these the other day in a LBS and they are impressive: truly bombproof hubs. Locally produced and CNC’ed from solid hunks of metal, they forgo the use of threaded cogs and lockrings altogether in favor of a much more solid tabbed interface. The CAD drawing below shoud pretty much explain it. The spacing and chainline of the hubs are easily adjustable without any fancy tools.

Anyways, I’m not affiliated in any way, just thought it was cool. Someone actually put a bunch of thought into how to do this better, nice!

I will try to snap some photos of the actual hubs next chance I get.

Levels have been around for awhile. IIRC, they were one of the first reviews on FGG.

or you could just bolt a cog onto a front MTB disc hub, much cheaper probably

those are cool i guess, but…has anyone ever broken a hub under normal circumstances? the only times i’ve even heard of someone stripping a hub are from them being retarded anyway…

also, isn’t forged by nature stronger than billet?

level has been around a while and they used to be based in massachusetts.

I’ll bet I could build a bomb that could destroy those things.
They don’t truly look bombproof at all.

Hot, sexy, solution looking for a lonely problem!

Thanks guys, it was the first I’d seen them and didn’t realize they’d been out for a while. Still seems like a cool idea all the same. That said, I haven’t stripped a normal hub and don’t think it’s too likely I will, since I’ve managed to successfully install cogs & lockrings a few times now without catastrophe. And it’s unclear if the Level hub can accommodate a 42mm “track” chainline; seems more oriented to road (45mm) and mountain (52mm) crank chainlines. Whatever, still a cool if potentially overengineered idea.

@Rusty: ROFL. What, nobody told you to eat a jar lately? :wink:

Personally, I like the idea of having a 45mm road chainline and being able to use any one of the awesome road doubles that one can get cheaply and put a single ring in the outer position. I don’t really need the clearance of a super-narrow q-factor as I’m not riding on a steeply banked track.

true, but for me switching q-factor is a matter of comfort and i’m so accustomed to one by now i for one would find it hard to switch. 3mm, though ( i guess reall 1.5 on each side) might be fine.

what about nuke proof hubs:|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A570|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50

Or just make the hub the wheel!

They’re great until they delaminate or fall apart.

yea, when i was riding mountain bikes, i really wanted a set of nuke proof hubs!

No 6 bolt ISO standard no care, and fuck Torx

are there enough non-vegan hipsters to justify using cockroaches to build bikes

chitin: the new crabon

I was just about to post remember these?

When has anyone sheared 6 bolts simultaneously on an ISO disc hub?

I was just about to post remember these?[/quote]

I have one on my desk right next to me with a cracked flange. It was a replacement for one that had a flange come off the carbon wrapped aluminum tube. Followed by the rider cracking his helmet on a rock