trying to find a decent roadbike for around 100 bucks

cant seem to find one. but this guy has a bianchi 81 type e1 he said. told me to make and offer. needs a tune up etc… what do you guys think?

looks small. good luck.

How tall are you? If you’re like 5’5" or under, that’s a great deal. Otherwise, I’d keep searching.

oh damn :confused: im trying to find a 54 or 55… the guy said he is 5’8" and its perfect for him. im only 5’9"

most people will try to say an ill-fitting bike fits them perfectly to justify riding a certain bike/style.

That bike is flippin tiny. Wait it out.

ok so here is the deal then… can i even find a decent bike for around $100? or can i build a decent fixie for around $100-150?

ok so i found this one?

or this one

you want a road bike. dont buy into the “fixie” hype. gears>skids

well i wouldnt mind having a single gear so i can coast :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yeah. but srsly, gears>zen

i think im going to get that novara corsa then. probably just needs a good tune and i might repaint it so its all one color. id be happy with that.


what’s amatter varking?

hard to tell from the pic but the nova corsa looks like it could be dece. appears to have triple chainrings up front?

you right.
but over 50% over stated budget

guy wants decent road bike for $100
Solbros gives advice on bike buying
guy says he might paint it one color

i’m constantly amazed at how some people don’t have solbros on ignore

You guys have bike co-ops out there? Seems by far the least expensive way to get yourself a bike.

Says guy who’s owned a road bike for less than one week and coined the term “motomess”…

Seriously guy, not trying to be a dick, but go check out bikeforums. Use the search there. A lot of these questions will be answered for you. You’ll probably learn a good deal there and find out why a lot of guys here are giving you a hard time. I’m not telling you to leave Tarck.

fuck all this noise

buy that bike

give to a cute girl who’s like 5’3 - 5’5