Two days?!

My buddy just skidded through a tire in fucking two days.
I didn’t think this was possible.


I skidded through the shitty stock tires on the kilo in one, what tire was he using?

The stock Kilo tires.
Are they really that bad?


I told him to get an everwear.
I’ve had one for like two months now with barely any wear showing.

I’ve had a 28c everwear for a while now too and theres very little wear.

23c for me.
I’m scared of winter.
I need much wider tires.

I wish there was winter here. We have no more then 5 days under freezing absolutely tops.

Last winter there was like a period of a week and a half where it was negative thirty-five every day.

i skidded through a rubino in three days a few weeks ago.

pissed me off, cause the dude at the bike shop told me it was a pretty sturdy tire.

skip stopping is a lot easier on tires :colbert:

my gatorskins last me like 3 months w/out brakes.

Find a high-end shop that does lots of repair work for rich people and just dumpster dive. I have a stack of about 15 brand new tires because morons get their tires replaced after a month on their fluid trainer.

My gatorskins lasted me longer than everwears. I can skid through everwears in a couple weeks if I go crazy, but I’m more of a skipper, maybe 2-5 feet skidding at the end of a stop. Gatorskins, though, I try not to skid on and then they last and I’m just way happier with the ride quality. Then I get bored of not skidding and I get an everwear and turn it into an eversquare in a week doing stupid long skids for no reason, other than to slow down to say “sup” to all my hot female fans. Then I treat it like an expensive tire for the next two months because I’m a cheap bastard.

My armadillos have been lasting my about 3-4 months on average and I am a skidder. I know its stupid but I like doing it.

i can actually vouch for the shitty serfas secas, the ones with the wire beads for 20 bucks. thanks andre nickitana

nothing wrong with skidding, but it really doesn’t get the hoes. i’ve tried.

You just aren’t doing it right. You will know when you slide past a gaggle of hipster ladies, and they just start throwing their panties at you.

sounds like its time for a new gear ratio

Thats pretty much the concensus around ATL. They love the secas down there. I couldn’t ever run them after having bad luck with flats on a few. But for a cheap ass skidding tire, it’s tough to beat.

Does anyone notice a difference in performance when they ride a squared off everware? I can imagine that cornering performance would suffer since you’re doing it on minimal surface area. I swap out my square tires because of the increase in flats, not because of the feel. But the everware tread is so damn thick, you’ve gor to be able to feel something.