✝ uǝʇʇɐʞssoɹʞ ✝

So I’m gonna be organizing a Halloween cross alleycat event. Not really an alleycat at all.

[]Meet up in town, 5km leadout
]Short Time Trial, ending in the haunted house, they have to go through it one by one, hopefully get the shit scared out of them, we have quite the posibility for fun shit in the barn.
[]In order of the results from that, two by two release people to ride to the windmell. once there they’ve gotta hop on this teeny ass bmx bike, ride around the windmill once, carve your name in a pumpkin and get checked off and continue.
]ride on at which point they’ll have to find the next leg of the event with a few arrows as clues to a sprint to the bobbing for apples. I’m thinking of zip-tieing people’s hands behind their backs and having it in the mud, then maybe pushing them over after they get their apple.
[]From there they would go back near the windmill and climb the hill. we might have checkpoints up the hill with sticking your hand in dark boxes full of weird shit
]at the top of the hill there is more or less an awesome cross path, i’m thinking of having people ride that twice maybe, but not sure.
[]After that i think we may group everyone up and just have a race to the finish in town or may call it quits there
]Afterparty back at the barn, fuckin’ turnin’ it ouuut.

Suggestions? Would you be hyped to ride in this or does it seem lame?

edit: other ideas…

costume contest, drinking pickle juice, drinking some poison kool-aid.

points for rad costumes?

yes. best costume contest will be given out at the end.

I wish i could go.
sounds super rad.

doesn’t sound compatible with mud-pushing.

score it TDF style, so your pointage is based on performance in each event. most points at the end wins, plus do king of the mountains, sprint point etc winners.

doesn’t sound compatible with mud-pushing.[/quote]



doesn’t sound compatible with mud-pushing.[/quote]


i didnt say costumes and mud were incompatible, i just think it’d be hard to really judge how good a costume is when you can’t really see it.


also i don’t think i want to do pointage, that’s kinda what our girot was about. maybe though. maybe.
also costumes for sure, believe. i tihnk i’m gonna theme this all WICCAN and have robes and shit.

count me in