I’m thinking about going. Think it’s worth it? Who’s been? What should I know about it?

I’d probably take all the courses that I can. I’m interested in any info you guys have. I’m kinda looking for an excuse to see the east cost for a while and this seems like an added benefit.

kenzieann is going

Oregon’s west coast, bra.

What do you wanna go for? All the wrenches I know that went to school for it, went to BBI and endorse it heavily.

I know several people who have been to UBI and Barnett’s, and they all prefer Barnett’s to UBI, hands-down.

Hm. Good to know.

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Barnett’s is a much better school for mechanics, and his textbooks have been the like bibles in every shop I’ve ever worked in.

UBI will teach you more than enough to get started at any shop you could need to. And the frame building classes are sweet. If you go to UBI take the frame classes too. I’m probably going to end up taking them soon, or maybe I’ll just go back up to Rifle.

Also A few times a year Park tools, SRAM and some other brads get together and do mechanic tech schools like for a weekend, keep an eye out for them.

Im mostly interested in frame building. Mechanic stuff would be great too though.