ugh! need quick advice!

i can get a set of velocity deep v rims, pink non-machined, laced to white formula hubs, with black spokes and purple nipples- for $125 today at performance after my credits/ discounts.

should i do it??!!
or just keep the lime green ones i already have?!

in your heart of hearts you know the answer to that

Yes, of course you should get them. Link?

do i?
it’s all about the tarck right?

:bear: would approve wouldn’t he?

they have them in stock built up for $225-10% lunch discount-10% off everything today only discount-$45 saddle credit-$10 in points= $125.

Why in the hell does Performance have a stupid paint by numbers wheelset like that laying around?

it’s the hipster hangout. duuuuuuuuuuuur.

i want pictures of how obnoxiously tarck these wheels are


Buy it.

they’re obnoxiously hot.

Do it.

Since when did Performance start carrying Deep Vs?

the dallas shop has always stocked them.
for cheap.

What the fuck? My Performance never carries anything remotely interesting.

I buy cases of Clif Bars from my local Performance, and occasionally an innertube or something.

But that’s really about it.

i love performance.

but then again, i also like wal-mart.

i hate performance.

last time i went in one i was putting brakes on my pana for the now ex and needed cables. first it took them forever to get around to helping me, second they didnt have a spool of housing and i hate buying prepackaged cables. finally i said fuck this and went somewheres else

You can buy shitty wheels like this from a variety of large distributors now.

Seriously though, who needs pink Deep V’s?

I thought robot couldn’t even ride?

took my first ride in 9 weeks on sunday.
it was fun.