Upgrade or new?

so i have around 700 dollars and i’m trying to decide if i want to get nice stuff for my kilo tt (which is mostly stock right now), or attempt to build up a new bike. The only road bike I’ve ever ridden is my kilo TT am i missing out on something great by not having ridden geared? I assume it wouldn’t be worth it to upgrade the frame on my kilo tt? Plus there’s always a chance i’ll get burnt out so i don’t want to totally dive in, as i’ve only been riding for around 4 and half months so maybe just keep riding with the stock components? gah

Spend a bit of money where you’ll notice it the most.
For me it was Tires, Saddle, Bars/Tape.

Put the rest of the money in the bank for a while and re-visit the upgrade (bike or parts) after you’ve got a bit more time in the saddle. At least see how your riding habits are in poor weather. It may change some of your priorities when you do decide to upgrade.

When I first built my fix (2.5 yrs ago), I was planning to go nuts and upgrade everything immediately. I then lost my job, broke my arm without insurance, and had a ton of money issues. The original components are running just fine.

Now that I’m out of debt again, I think I’ll appreciate my celebratory wheels a lot more.

Seconded on the tires/saddle/bars. Maybe pedals too? Make your bike as comfortable as possible(if it isn’t already). I would also save the money until you know what you might want/need. However if you’re itching to spend money a nice set of handbuilt wheels would be cool and they’ll last for many bikes to come.

The stock saddle and tires on the Kilo TT are miserable, upgrade those first.

Tires are already upgraded as well as pedals and bars. I think right now I’ll get the proper sized clips since mine are large and I need an extra large, get some decent straps to last me, upgrade the saddle, maybe a prettier stem, and possibly some tarck drops if i can find some for cheap. The bike is slightly too big for me so I’m really reaching for the front of the drops and that’s screwing up my comfort but i’m probably going to buy a seatpost with no set back from Oh No so that should take care of that.

you should keep most of your $$, and and start saving up for a geared bike. it’s good to have options.

Hmm alright, I was thinking about starting to slowly build up a pacer, maybe just take my time and get good parts as a I can afford them. Can anyone reccomend a saddle that doesn’t suck though? White maybe?

thats funny.i’ve been thinking about doing the same thing . you know the rumor is surly’s offering a pacer complete soon.

Yeah I read that some where on here but I really want to built up a bike sometime. I typcially enjoy the thinking about/planning part of things just as much if not more then actually doing stuff, so It seems like it would be fun as heck.

^ fun, but expensive.

Yeah i dunno

Only upgrade what’s necessary on the Kilo to make it comfortable and purchase a geared bike as well. Having more than one bike is fun.

I have a crappy gt aggresor as well, but yeah i’m just going to make the kilo a little bit more comfortable and then buy a pacer frame and take my time building it up I think. or would you guys reccomend getting a complete since i don’t have that much mechanical experience?

if the rumors are true, the pacer complete is coming with a tiagra/105 mix. thats a good deal for 900$, or whatever they are supposedly going to charge.

Buying a complete will wind up being cheaper.

The kilo is an ok bike. Don’t upgrade unless shit breaks. Season’s allmost over so save those pennies for a few months and get a sweet deal for taking an ‘08 off the your lbs’ floor. Make sure they take your measurements and fit your bike for you. Start a relashionship with 'em.

hah, i already have a relationship my lbs. i’m pretty sure i’m the annoying kid who comes in 5 times in 4 days because he keeps stripping random bolts. plus we know the owner. Anyway though i’m just gonna make my Kilo a bit more comfortable and then hang around to see what happens with the pacer complete or an 08 from the lbs.