Urban DH.

The wall rides are pretty sweet.

unh! That wall ride at 2:28 or so was awesoem.

Urban DH is fun to watch, but apparently most of the top-notch riders regard it as an unnecessarily dangerous novelty that should be taken off the world cup circuit.

NateRo posted that first vid in the sweet fixie vid thrad. Is pretty rad.

Dunno, hate being “that guy” but something about a bunch of bros and redbull turning poor ass slum neighbourhoods into a stunt course for bikes that cost more than most of those people will see in a year strikes me as distasteful.

Besides that the raddest thing about mountain biking is the being out in nature bit

Well, pumping a bunch of money and promotional shit into the town can’t hurt. I don’t see these things as being harmful to these towns, and those people look stoked to see the race.

People in third world countries like fun stuff too. I bet red bull and monster and various sponsors gave out tons of free shit to people.

Bros racing mountain bikes can do good things, too.


here’s an urban downhill video sans lots of red bull sponsorship money


I love the shot with the cam on the downtube/bb facing the front wheel. And yes that video was better.

also this

I love that one.

the conversation at the starting line is the best part.


oh hey. Didn’t know there was a thrad for this. That first video was sweet.

Found another one from the same race, but a year earlier. Course is slightly different. You can hear the dude lollin at some points. He’s enjoying the ride.

Also… watch out for the dog.

VCA 2010 RACE RUN from changoman on Vimeo.

I think it’s cook, but competing? Nah.

Also, in that one vid, I think captain slow actually did a handbrake 180.

I wish Top Gear would return to races instead of staged vehicle productions. I mean, that was a fine piece of cinema, but it was unabashed in its lack of verisimilitude.

why run crazy knobby tires if 90% of the course is paved and there aren’t any dirt turns?

Because your sponsors sell bikes with knobby tires.

they got hueg super-small-block tires for dirtjump and shit, would be so good for this.

that was some rad charging. looks like a lot of fun and really super dangerous.