Valverde is the shit

That Spanish Champ colors bike is the tits too.

Think he has a shot at winning the whole thing? I love the tour and all the individual dramas that play out during the race.

On a slightly unrelated note. I was thinking while watching the Tour de Suisse and again today, that don’t you sometimes wish you had a team car with all those bikes and kit following you around everywhere in real life? Can you imagine the looks on other riders/drivers faces, would be kinda fun wouldn’t it?

I wish it were on a channel other than Versus… which I don’t get

You can find it online, bikeforums had some links. This worked for me this morning:

hell yes it is. that is all I could think about watching it this afternoon.

On a different note, the weirdest thing about this being the only televised cycling event on really mainstream sports networks here is there are actually advertisements for bikes. All of a sudden instead of a thousand car ads, there will be a 15 second spot for Cervelo, then another one for Specialized. it is almost surreal.

That was fucking incredible. Love that Pinarello.

My man Phillipe Gilbert scored a nice second too. Oh, and The Cobra putting on the white jersey was pretty good too.