Vassago Fisticuff or the like. (monstercross?)

I have been trying to figure out what frame to get:

I wanted:

big tires clearance
disk capability (novelty I guess)
not a mtb

  • added plus with this frame is that it has track dropouts but reynolds 520


other options:

la cruz
doublecross dc

anything else?


The disc brake mounts on the Fisticuff aren’t sliding. How could it be properly adjusted? Pain in the ass for SS. Am I right?

Edit: Not to mention, the Fisticuff is a fucking rip off.


i dont think i am man enough to ride a salsa fargo. looks too intense.

I chose a double cross DC when faced with the same quandary (final choice was between the Soma, the Salsa, and the Fisti).

I think the fisticuff had funky dropouts and/or less rack mounts, and I thought periwinkle was a rad and somewhat unique color for a bike. Also, the Fisti had lower grade tubing (Reynolds 525) vs the Soma (Tange Prestige - better) and the Salsa (TT OX-Platinum - best of the three). Though not a huge priority to me, I think the Fisti has the widest tire clearance as a plus. While I did not choose it, I am still a big fan. Their website FAQ is pretty priceless as well.

[quote=Vassago’s Website]I am a hard-core cyclocross elitist type. Is the Fisticuff for me?

I am a homeless guy with pigeons in my beard and crazy eyes, is the Fisticuff for me?

I’m also a big fan of the peregrine suggested above, but I seem to remember that being significantly more expensive than the other three, which are all priced within about 100 bucks of each other.

PS - an old Poprad would be a nice bargain if you can find one in your size on the bay or CL and are not set on the colors of the other options. It has the same tubeset as the Salsa.

i have ridden zero of these options but want a poprad badly

that’s kinda what I want to score, but patience is growing thin and has me looking at brand new f/f sets. I’d like to get something at a cheaper price of course.

that Drakkar is sex! Hate the name (makes me think of middle school and bad cologne) It kinda reminds me of my Milwaukee Bruiser with disks and drops.

**Apparently the type of bike I want is called “monstercross” ?





**Apparently the type of bike I want is called “monstercross” ?[/quote]

yep, thinking so. I met the rawland guys at Interbike, supa-cool. The main designer’s deaf and communcated with everyone via a little whiteboard.

Their showbikes were great, but then again they were built out with red and other comparable madness so it was hard to tell.

if you buy one I’ll send you a Rawland cycling cap.

achingly !

[quote=Der Blaue Reiter][quote=tdhk]

**Apparently the type of bike I want is called “monstercross” ?[/quote]

if you buy one I’ll send you a Rawland cycling cap.[/quote]

again, that drakkar is sex. ITs much more of a MONSTER than cross

there is always this:

One of the guys in our SS CX field is racing one of them Rawlands. It always makes my skinsuit a little tighter atmo.

I thought you couldnt get any more fred than owning a litespeed,… next comes the yellow vest.

double vestin’

this is lovely