Vintage Fuji build.

Alright so I’m soon to be the proud owner of a Fuji Mark Gorski signature model. Ishiwata Quad-Butted tubing and a Hatta headset. I would like to build it with vintage parts, Campy, or DA? What do you guys think? Better than the Obey?

oh fuck!!!
i love that frame!
lucky bastard

thas purdy raht ther

more pics when you get it. i say da b/c it’s also japanese, and it’ll be way cheaper.

Here are some more pics.
I was thinking DA as well since I already have a BB. Ebay is loaded with parts.


But if not, DA.

That is awesome. Destroys obey.

gah! so nice…i say DA or Suntour.

That is a nice find. I have never seen one over here in Japan.
Either way if you go with DA/Suntour/Sugino, get the older ones.
Old DA should be the easiest to find cranks/hubs/seatpost to make it complete.
Old Suntour stuff is kind of harder to find and Sugino doesn’t make hubs.
I guess it depends on your budget and if you want the whole group to match or not.

white veeps

Ditto DA/Suntour/Sugino with some nice box section rims like some older Mavics or even better some Arayas.

Suntour all the way.



god damnit i told myself i wouldnt jack it all day

oh well

Paint it flat blk & get gold shit

I’d track down Parker Lewis from the other board and ask him about some parts. I’m sure that guy can send the appropriate parts your way. Anyone got a link to his blog?