Everybody should vote for him coz ain’t no bike radder on the cobblez than that.

Oh shi…


you are 16 points behind the #1


you can vote once every 24 hours.

voted, you’re only 6 away!

I will vote tomorrow during work as well if I see this topic

Vetoed! I mean, Tivo’d! I mean, Devo! I mean I hope you win or whatever.

i said i already voted WHO BEEN UP IN MY IP

Thanks, y’all. I’m only three votes away at this stage.

Fuck, it’s going to be a rush putting the bike together and getting in some practice before the day if I win. I’m currently getting the headset reground and the dude has taken forever to get it done.

Wat? Said I already voted. Anyway, you’re in the lead now.

it did that to me as well, but the poll box seemed kinda jank on my computer. i think it is counting our votes.

He’s almost got it.

That other guy with the stupid video must have a similar team of internet friends voting for him.

My 2nd vote is in.

will vote again later this afternoon when I can again

He’s up! 70 to 67.



dude, I’m sure with tarck behind you… you have this in the bag!!

said i already voted? will try again tomorrow!!