Wanted - End cap for DT Swiss Hub

I’m missing an end cap for one side of my front wheel hub on my mountain bike. Finding one has been next to impossible - hoping someone in this group has access to something I don’t.

DT Swiss 240 S - happy to send photos/measurements, etc.

Liked one of these?

QBP has them in PA and CO.

Yes - those! Exactly! Anyone have a Q account they’d be willing to order for me? I’ll pay you asap.

I had good luck buying DT Swiss endcaps on eBay just by searching for the part number (HWG…). This seller in particular is where I bought from, part number matches the screenshot above: NEW DT Swiss End Cap Conversion Kit: 240 Front Hubs 15 x 100mm 15 x 110mm 7630024345158 | eBay

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