Watches FS

1. Bulova A-15

Bought new from Jomashop for 310. I like it a lot, but I just never wear it.

180 shipped?

2. G-SHOCK GMAS2100-1A

Technically a women’s watch, but I think it looks sick. Doesn’t feel great on my wrist. Great shape, never wear it.

$50 shipped?

ohhh damn the pilot, tentative dibs while I assess whether I have a problem


Bulova sold to cheese!


Make me an offer on the G Shock and I’ll say yes

ugh what i need is a “dressy” watch. but it’s tempting

I may actually have something for you that I don’t wear very often

Just wear it with a dress, then


You’ll have to wear a dress without it, it soldened

How about an SKX007?


I’ve got an old Garmin Forerunner 235 as well

I have interest here

i have a fossil something or other i should dig out