Weehoo bike trailer

Used, good, fun. I’ve got it on facebook for 0.2bongs, 0.15bongs from ya’ll sound good?


How old does kiddo need to be for this?

I think we got it when she was 18 months but didn’t start using it right away. First documented evidence is at 22 months and I know she was on it once or twice before that. She wasn’t able to operate the pedals quite yet but I don’t think she was interested in those yet anyway.

Hmm, I’m gonna wait. My guy’s only 10mo.

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Min I’d recommend is 18 mo, gotta have those neck muscles strong. :muscle:t5:


I tried to sit the kid on the free weehoo i got on cl and shes a little too small still at 21 months

how hard would it be to ship this?

There’s like 15 bolts, nbd. I can bag and tag them all easy. It’ll probably fit in a cut down kids bike box.