Weekend projects.

Watcha doin this weekend?

I’ve got 3 partially assembled bikes to hopefully make all-assembled bikes.

This is the first weekend in six weeks I’ll get a couple of hours in the shed. On Sunday anyway. Saturday I’ve got other shit to do. Gonna hopefully build up my mid life crisis bike - red road bike with brifters and carbon bits and the like.

Wondering how I’m gonna like being on a bike with more than 2" of saddle-bar drop for the first time in a few yeas. Kinda excited about it.

Would also like to get some work done on a bike for supgirl but I know that’s highly unlikely.

I will try to give the Shawver a better pre-race once over than I did last week.

That’s all I will commit at this point :colbert:

I have to figure out what to buy for the bike with current job’s monthly ‘wellness allowance’. Was thinking new pedals to replace the Slip Kings, some batrape, and the rest on tubes and/or cables & housing.

Got an hour in today. Fuck. I hate installing shakes so much. Actually it’s not that hard but doing it for the first time in a few years meant I tried to do a few things the wrong way and had to try different ways until I got it. Kinda mangled the pusher cable a bit, too. Fuck it, it’ll do.

Also gonna have to reinstall the crankset cos pusher can’t handle the narrow spindle. And i had to bend the pusher to get it parallel.

Was hoping it’d be more plug ‘n’ play like the last modern group I installed. Probably just frustrated cos wanna get it finished quickly.

Making strides with my bike mess. Started with folding the tubes and tires into boxes and sorting everything else into piles.

Installing fenders on the Winter bike so I quit ruining parts treating it like a mtb. I also need to get a freewheel removal tool and few larger tooth count freewheels.

Find a shop that can actually remove the fixed BB cup from a frame. Then build it up with 6700 to ride until Winter or the first time salt get used on the roads.

Do a group ride today or Sunday. Been too long since I rode one of the weekend rides.

So much cleaning up of dirt, leaves, and dead boxelder bugs.

Remove stuff from lady’s dc storage unit and get it boxed organized to get shipped via Amtrak in a few days.

probbaly won’t do anything bike related
rode 4 days to work this week
gotta play a show tonight outta town
gonna smoke some meat tomorrow and replace cts on my car
i need to glue a tire to one of my wheels though…

my appetite is pretty insane though coz consistent commuting
so i ate two dinners last night
that’s kinda bike related

Install quick link on 9-speed chain and finish the rebuild of casseroll with tiagra, xd triple and original salsa wheels.
Then debate whether I should use bianchi stem and orginial salsa bars coz ugly and I won’t likely use them else where.
finally, ask tarck how much I should sell it for.

Organized bike mess some, at least I know where everything is now even if it doesn’t look tidy. Cleaned commuter and though long and hard about how I’ll rebuild it for winter/snow duty in a month or so. Dreaming about winter bike builds in the fall and summer builds in the early spring/late winter are my favorite things.

I cleaned the absolute shit out of my Cilo last weekend, does that count?

This weekend I drank whiskey, sharpened knives and ate a steak.

rake leaves, mow lawn for the last time this year, clean house, watch kids.

Cousin-in-law picked up a CAD3 cheap as first road bike, then was given some 105 shakes and brakes. So put new bits on bike, re-cabled, lubed up, took off pie plate, new batrape. He gave me a case of beer, so win.
Problem is he ran over a gutter grate on his 2nd ride, brand new alexrim wheel is fucked, now I’m looking for a new rear wheel for cheap cos he can’t believe what bike parts cost. He paid less for the whole bike than one tyre on his car costs…

'sup weekend bro.

Also, doing some home improvement.

Got some time on the saddle riding along with Mikey. Now I gotta clean up the ‘parts bin’ aka tiny closet that I got stuck with because Supgirl needed the giant closet for her clothes. Then I gotta clean and look for cracks on the Paramount…

changed coolant temp sensor in gti
smoked meat
unloaded band van
avoided doing yard work somehow
drank beers
thought after changing sensor i should glue that tire on
then i totally forgot…fuck
its 9pm now and i’m kinda drunk…the tire can wait…

Tested PV8 for borkenness… it’s broken. Made bike nerdly video demonstrating brokenness, emailed wouter re a warranty.

How many miles did you have on the pv-8 when it went south for the winter?

Post video in Asploded Bike Parts thread, please?