weight triaining

on top of riding regularly, who does any weight training and whats your routine? i, personally, work out regularly and do 3 sets of 15 for everything. abs is a different story. thats where things get silly. its not bike specific or even goal oriented, besides just being stronger.

The only thing I ever hold fast about weight lifting is to change your regiment about every 6 weeks. Change what exercises you do and the set makeup as well as the amount of weight and reps. If not your muscles will get use to the exercises and it will become less and less effective. Cycling that stuff will make a huge difference.

dnager scott ^^^ this is true. i dont do it but i know its true. changing your sets and/or reps on a weekly basis on say a 4-week cycle is really good. changing your exercises is good but there are some exercises that are so fundamental that you dont have to replace them.

who’s got any bike-specific routines?

I was doing weights in the winter. Now I do “weight training on hils”, which is to say big gears up small hills from a track standing start. My track buddy got me into it, so far my knees haven’t started hurting from it and I’ve been pushing 53x16 up 5% grades.

i am in the gym 5-6 days a week mostly because i enjoy it. i tend to do a 3 day split while rotating general leg (leg press, lunges, extensions) and calves every other day. i try to do some kind of abs/oblique work between sets on a daily basis.

day 1: arms/back/abs or obliques
day 2: shoulders/traps/abs or obliques
day 3: chest/triceps/abs or obliques
sometimes i’ll do just arms or just legs

it’s good to mix up exercises but don’t switch out your routine too often as you need time for adaptation

you wanna be fast and explosive for track racing?


[quote=“dooktruck”]you wanna be fast and explosive for track racing?


oofah. jump squats FTW!

it’s good to mix up exercises but don’t switch out your routine too often as you need time for adaptation[/quote]

Yea that ‘adaptation’ is your muscles actually growing and working. If you are use to a work out you aren’t building muscles as easily.

Typically I work out Mon, Wed, and Fri. I do whole body each day
Normal day is
5 min cardio warm up/stretches.
Normal Bench (vary weight and sets day to day)
Dumbell Bench press(Alternate presses, as one arm comes down, other goes up)
Seated lat pulls
Bent over Dumbell Rows
Standing vertical Dumbell Press
Sitting lat pull down
Reverse leg raises(hip/lowerback)
Core (numerous exercises)
15-30min of cardio
I do other exercises than listed, the main thing I try to do is:
2 Horizontal push
2 Horizontal pull
1 Vertical push
1 Verical pull
Hip dominant
Knee dominant
Workout can range from 1hour to 1.5hours. Been doing this since january and have seen good gains in strength, which has been my main focus. Max bench at start 170-180 if I was lucky, Last week Max bench was 250, I started out weight 217, down to 205, but it’s noticeable. Haven’t lost a great deal, but changed how it’s carried. I also do curls for vanity purposes.