I’m not that concerned with weight, but what’s an average for something fixed?

I always thought my bike was heavy and it turned out to be 20lbs when I weighed it last night. That seems reasonable to me for what it is, but, is 20 on the heavy side?

My fixed weighs more then my cx / road bike.


Mine is a hefty 25. I’m not even sure how. I’m gonna replace the 5 lb seatpost whenever I get a chance though. Man deep v’s are fucking heavy.

Mine were nine pounds including the weight of the hubs.

20 isn’t too heavy at all. that’s not a bad weight for a conversion with deep rims.

Check the poll I made at BFSSFG awhile back: http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=403085

Majority of people were in the 19-20lb range. That’s a pretty decent/average rate for steel fixed gears. Add some Deep V’s (or worse, Weinnman’s), Phil Woods, Brooks saddles, Aerospokes and steel track drops and you’ll be a bit more.

I just weighed my KHS track in again and it’s down to 18.5lb, pretty good for steel IMO. I’m hoping to build up an Alien frame even lighter by using a box rim wheelset but not cutting any corners to sacrifice durability/longevity. I seem to have dropped a full pound on the KHS by changing out the spokes/rim on the rear (DB instead of straight gauge, and IRD Cadence Aero rim instead of Fusion), getting a nicer rear tire (Conti 4Season) and a nicer chain (SRAM PC-1 as opposed to KMC Z).

Steel, 36h wheels

Steel frame, brooks saddle, veeps/phils and a steel jaguar and I’m sub 19. Haven’t weighed since I switched to clipless, but I might be below 18 now, maybe 17.9 or something.


Bathroom scale method? Really nice steel tubing?

That seems pretty dubious…

No idea about any of mine

I don’t really care either b/c I normally end up carrying stuff anyway so it makes the weight worthless.

deep profile rims are a bitch.
I want to lace up some OP CD’s to replace my veep/fusion set now.
also, if you want to cut corners lace your front wheel to a road hub, nice front road hubs are a dime a dozen and way lighter than a track hub.

I hate to say it but I’m also in the “damn why the fuck did I buy deep section rims” situation.

Mouth meet hat, hat go into mouth.

wow thats wild how many people have 20lb bikes. surprising.

im definitely jonesin for a frame upgrade, probably to a flite 100 or kilo. it seems hard to find a frameset with nothing on it. if my stuff is 20 now, a crmo frame and some aluminum bullhorns would probably shave a little bit. shoulda kept the dura ace cranks i picked up real cheap. those were pretty light. octalink though . . .

with deep v’s mine’s at 18.6

That seems pretty dubious…[/quote]
I had it measured at a shop, it was 18 and 9 ounces. I may have had my pearl stem/bullhorn combo on which would have been lighter. I don’t have any rim tape, I use those plugs from velocity which shaves a couple ounces :wink:

im eager to weigh my new bike, but its funny how much i think about shaving weight on my bike just before i throw on at least a 10lb backpack. i carry a pro-slr camera, lens and speedlight and a dozen rolls of film, plus lock and tools and shit everywhere i go. i’m gonna have a shitty(er) back way earlier in life than i want. maybe i should stop worrying about my deep-v’s and leave the bag at home…or harden the fuck up.

don’t sweat the lbs. man, when you crunch the numbers the advantage ends up being a percentage of a percent

aek? a lock and a camera? no back damage there buddy.

it sounds lighter than it is, sometimes i think i’ve forgotten about a brick i put in the bottom or something.

my surly comes in at around 20, depending on what parts happen to be on it.