Wet Hands and Brake Levers

I like my 105 brake levers. They’re nice and shiny and smooth. And my fingers want to slip off them when it’s wet or I’m really sweaty. This is especially dangerous when I’m descending my favorite climb.

Right at the turnaround, the slope is about 10% with sharp turns for 500m. My hands are super sweaty and I’ve got nowhere to dry them off. About 2/3 of the way to the bottom of the mountain is a particularly rough stretch or road leading into a hard turn. I’ve generally got a lot of speed at this point. My wet hands are always threatening to slip off the levers at this point as well.

I know pros handle this stuff all the time, but what do they do? Can I rough up the levers or use some substance that makes them stickier? Am I just super weak? (very likely).

Anyone else have this problem?

my 600 hoods are worn. if i know i’m gonna be sweaty, or it’s just hot as hit out, i make sure to wear gloves.

beyond that i’m not sure what you could do. try some HUUDZ?

stick some grip tape on them.

It isn’t the hoods that are causing the slipage. It’s the actual lever blades. My gloves don’t help there.

I can only imagine grip tape would get uncomfortable on longer flat rides.

So far doofo’s suggestion is winning.

A set of these should solve the problem:

On a serious note, I’m interested. I sweat too fucking much.

I’m assuming you’re talking about riding on the hoods - so maybe try riding in the drops and use your fingertips on the brakes?

Oh and the solution to this wet hands thing is gloves. A nice pair of gloves. It’s going to get cold soon so really, it’s a non issue.

In the drops, I don’t have as much control over modulation, which I really need.

As for gloves, it doesn’t get cold here. In the winter it may get down to the mid 50’s at night when it’s clear, but the days are still 80’s on average.

The first thing I would try is a single wrap of cloth bartape carefully taped off.

^^^ not a bad idea. maybe run it down the length of the lever and wrap around the sides a bit. won’t add bulk, but will add grip.

I’ll see if I can pick some up. thanks.

ride in the drops when descending, you’ll go faster and need less brakes.

oh, and your weak.


oh shit son

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[quote=“Teh Muffmuff”]ride in the drops when descending, you’ll go faster and need less brakes.

oh, and your weak.[/quote]

that logic seems to be slightly flawed. Except for the weak part. Spot on.

I can descend faster than any of the cars, but there aren’t many sections longer than 100m that are straight where I am off the brakes. It’s all flowing one corner into the next. My fingers have to be on the brakes all the time, feathering them slightly.

Plus, to get my hoods positioned correctly, I have to rotate the bars up so that the drops are fairly uncomfortable (it’s ridiculous that you still have to do this on modern bars).

The cross lever wouldn’t work because I won’t have enough control from the tops of the bars. I’m coming down at 30-40mph.

This all may be due to the fact that until 4 months ago, I only rode a bike with brakes maybe once a month. I’m sure my technique is pretty shitty.

you could try some of those full-finger gloves with grip pads that pop up on chainlove from time to time. although they’d likely make your hands eighteen times sweatier

get some better bars, or maybe you just have your hoods set up all grandpa style… no amount of nice bars is going to help you there.

when your in the drops, you will have more weight over the front wheel and be able to corner faster. if you are able to go though the corner faster, you will need less brakes as you enter the corner.

also, braking while in the corner is kinda sketchy. try to do all of your braking before you enter the corner. you will find things MUCH more stable this way. also, sitting upright for a second between corners helps scrub speed. use your body as a bit of an air-brake in addition to some light braking between bends.

get some wrist sweatbands like tennis players wear… or gloves (preferably the latter). and i think you should really be in the drops, it is a much more stable position and your hands will not slip off the bars. i’m sure you’re aware, but way too many people spend too much time on the hoods. if you are not comfortable in the drops, raise your bars, or get a shallow reach bar. not long ago i spent too much time on the hoods, then i got a shallow reach bar and my life changed for the better… seriously. your bike should really be set up so the drops are your most comfortable position, primary position.

sorry for the rant, i know i’m probably preaching to the choir, but i had to say it…

Lizard Skins makes some brake lever covers for this very reason. I don’t know if they actually help or not because I haven’t ever bought any.

A simple wrap of hockey tape would make your levers super sticky. It would also make your fingertips kind of gross, but you have to pay to play.