what are my options for crabon forks with tire clearance?

what are the good crabon forks for long reach brake calipers (49-57)?
just kinda curious, I’ve never really been in the market for one before.
would prefer not to run cantilevers, but want room for 28-32c tires.
what’s good?
cheaper is better, but not if the fork is shitty. used is mostly out, as I need a lot of steer tube.

The alpha q tandem one fits 28c.

Seven makes one that fits 32c or 28c with fenders, but it’s expensive as fuck.

i have a lemond carbon fork on my lemond that will take a conti 28c gatorskin + a sks p35 fender with short (39-49) reach calipers, but it’s real close.

sadly it cracked so i’m in the market too.

i’ve been wondering which Edge fork Hampsten uses to run the Challenge Paris Roubaix 700x29 with short reach brakes.

I’m assuming its the regular Road 2.0?

whatever this is, someone linked to it from tarck

that’s a ritchey 26er mtb fork.

The cheap Bontrager Satellite Plus fork has a ton of clearance both vertically and horizontally — it’s designed to fit 32mm tires with fenders no problem.

A bunch of people have used them for 650b conversions with R556 super-long-reach brakes, and could fit 42mm tires with fenders. The big issue with most crabon forks is that they’re really narrow under the crown, but this one gives you all of it, more than most steel fork crowns!

I think they’re out of production, but there’s still a bunch of NOS ones lying around for cheaps. 650bros started using them when a bunch were dumped on nashbar for nothing a couple years ago.

Once Alpha Q stopped producing their standard reach brake fork Co-Motion started making their own. No idea if you can buy one alone, but it might be worth a try. It looks pretty similar to the old Alpha Q.

There’s a standard reach Wound Up fork that I’ve seen pictured with a Jack Brown 33.3mm tire under it.

Hampsten uses the Co-Motion fork too, but the EDGE/ENVE forks work with up to a 28-30mm tire, I’ve read. Hampsten says with a 35mm fender too…No personal experience.

All of these are in the price range of a nice custom steel fork though…

Could check out Winwood too.

I’d probably try to get a aftermarket/replacement from Kona, Bianchi, etc etc.

that Bontrager one is awesomely cheap. bidding on one on ebay.

what’s the model number on the discontinued alpha Q?

are the ‘EDGE’ ones getting sold cheap anywhere in the switch to ‘ENVE’?

get me into a good carbon canti fork with bosses for fendars

easton ea70x

easton is a no go, I’m a fatass

I can fit a 28 under my Edge 2.0.


IRD fork for long reach

Stupid questions thread aux: what’s the ostensible advantage to a crabon frok? I have a used one that came on a bike, and I really can’t feel any difference between that and any of my steel forked bikes. Is it just weight? Or is the fork that I have old / shitty?

lighter and absorbs road chop better.

Stiffer in some cases.