what color should i paint my bike?

i wanna rattle can it.
a guy i rode with yesterday had a rattle canned frame and it was all chipped and shit and it looked badass.
so i wanna be badass, too.
here it is:

sorry for the bf like post. :colbert:

those hubs are disgusting.

It feels so much better to spend money/time on something that will improve the performance or enjoyment of your bicycle riding lifestyle. Sure there isn’t some other 20 dollar item that will make your riding better? A superflash or somethin?

I guess I could buy $20 worth of steroids.

Thanks for the input. I like them, too.

That’s not much steroids.

I say keep it black, BTW.

black. maybe high gloss. If you dont do the high gloss go with matte black

Lavender so It’ll match your kid’s trike.

Steroid group buy. Peleton-style.

that bike doesn’t need any more color.

keep frame black
paint rims black or white
lose anodized bars/pink clips

my mom just bought me those bars for xmas. they’re 4 days old.

the bars are the least obnoxious thing there. it’s the fact that they don’t match the rims, which don’t match the clips, which don’t match the seatpost collar that’s the problem.

paint it like 10 different colors. one layer at a time. then when it chips, itll look frickin badass/weird

^ I like this idea.

save up so you have more money for steroids

PS i like your TK2 seat

I would be interested in seeing if this actually turns out as awesome as it sounds like it would. I say do it.

Or paint it to match your daughters trike.

see this thread:


bought it for $10 on friday.