What color should I paint my bike?

My new bike should be here in about a week. First thing I’m doing is changing the color. Most of the components are black. I’ve got it narrowed down to three color choices. Vote.

Whah frame is it? The green would look best with black components, but depending on what frame you got, it might end up looking like the 1209386503297843 giant bowerys in your particular city. Bronze would look badass if it’s an older or lugged frame.

It’s just a cheap cromo welded track frame. I don’t have to worry about looking like someone else in the city. There are three track bikes and one’s mine.

Then green all the way! If you had chrome components I woulda gone white, but…such is life.

only do green if you get it matte. Otherwise pearl or possibly bronze, although bronze is hard to do right.

The green will be matte for sure.

http://hypebeast.com/2008/07/freeman-tr ... ble-bikes/

do it like this only with a brake.