What did you do to your crosscheck today?

I rode this thing on a tarck century for the first time in forever.

This is certainly not the most exciting bike but damn it’s fun. I love that saddle, the bars, and the Cinelli fake leather bar tape they make it so comfy. Then there are the tires, they feel good no matter the conditions.


CX bikes > any other possible bike <3


Last weekend’s bike dithering theme was saddle swaps. The black Flyer I’d asked a local shop to order showed up on Friday, only I ended up buying the black Flyer Special that came in on the same order. That saddle was supposed to go on the Boost and ended up on the Riv couch instead. The black non-special Flyer that was on the Riv ended up on the Boost, briefly. Then I swapped it out for a brown Flyer Special that was originally meant for the Riv, only to swap it back out for the black non-special Flyer because the brown looked kinda dumb atmo on the Boost. Then I swapped the black B17 on the Stumpy for a different black B17 and cleaned that bike in prep of meeting up with the potential buyer this week.


I see you’re also of the ‘dgaf about the top tube cables’ kind of frame bag user. Approved!

Yup. I have a sporadic tolerance for fuckery, on this occasion it is definitely dgaf.

Attempted to install the little Radlawn front rack on the Mod Zero last night only to find that one of the little cylindrical stay clampy things won’t go into its hole on the rack, might just be too much powder coating in there. Tried seeing if it might go in with some help from the screw that will clamp everything in place, but the torque to do that started to get a little higher than I was comfortable with and didn’t want to risk stripping the threads.

Attempted to install a Tubus Logo rack on the back of that bike last week and ran into the issue of needing and not finding some offset stays for the narrower platform on that rack. Mocked up a Tubus Cargo rack last night with a wider platform and that would work fine with a little bending of the straight stays. Turns out the Radlawn has some offset stays that won’t be used up front, so I might be able to use the Logo after all.

Swapped the bars on the Banshee.

Specialized risers are good, but the Stooge Motos have a more chill vibe, and put my elbows in a restful position instead of having to be in attack mode all the time.

The sweep puts my hands further back, still haven’t dialed the stem length for them, but looking to.

I went in to the mtb shop in town to see if they had a replacement cable port for my Ripmo. They said no but took my number in case the found one, I was shocked when they called and said they did! So I replaced it and adjusted the dangler, replaced the battered Flite with a $10 Ti Silverado and installed the free fender.


Chopped and filed a 22t ring into a light mount

Put the dropper back on the funny wee bike and added a BMX stem and $7.50 Surly sunrise bars. God the stem was tight on the steerer tube

Playing with bikes is fun. The light mount and those bars have been on my list to find/do for a while.


What I did to this crosscheck recently: new fork that has enough clearance to fit these fenders, swapped drops out for these old felt branded urbanists bars, swapped m520’s for these garish fookers. Gonna ride it to the bar later.


I put the 125R together today after picking up a crankset from the shop. I knew it was going to be lighter but I didn’t know how much; I was hoping to get it under 21 lbs (the Trail Boss was 23.4 lbs and it’s not like that’s terribly heavy but I wanted to see if I could).

19.51 lbs!

That’s a 21.25" steel frame and a steel fork and 9" steel bars and heavy chunk of Profile aluminum for a stem. Nothing titanium or fancy. I’m honestly shocked, and thrilled as well. I can’t wait to get a break from work and get down to the pump track this weekend.

Also Tubolito tubes are a real pain in the ass.


I wore out the Goodyears that came on my Factor so I bought some GP5Ks.

Not sure if I like the cream wall. I might go with the “transparent” (brown) ones next time.


Well they look great today - post again when they get dirty

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I installed a snack pouch in the passenger area of Ash’s bike.


Moved the front rack and dropperbell from the Boost over to the RemiDemi. Cut up some Lamin-x headlight film for a car I haven’t owned since 2016 to make some frame protection for the Mod Zero and installed the newly arrived framebag. Turned the Polyvalent into a pile of parts.

Wait, you have both Benno e-bikes?

No, only two of their current line up of four five. But the deals were so good on both it essentially became a BOGO deal, a Boost and RemiDemi for $50 less than the Boost retail price.

Every time you post a link to that upway site, I have to use one hand to hold the other hand back from clicking “buy” on that taf painted remidemi they have.


Yeah I would have bought that Boost had it been available at the time.

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Stop, hand! Bad hand! No click!