What I was worried might happen...

Is it just me or is sheldon brown’s site down in parts. I worried that after he passed no one would be paying the bandwidth bills. Looks like all sheldonbrown.com links work but sheldonbrown.org links stopped. So that means his personal pages are down.

Or am I mistaken?

I was just on there reading about derailer adjustment, everything was fine. Didn’t go anywhere else though.

Damn. If I knew internets I’d have archived it all already.

Maybe an email to Harris Cyclery might help. Seems like a worthwhile cause to throw some bucks at.

Same thing here.
sheldonbrown.com works.
harriscyclery.com redirects to http://sheldonbrown.com/harris/
sheldonbrown.org gives a The requested URL / was not found on this server error.

Archive.org has most of it up to 8/2007.

sheldonbrown.org doesn’t work for me either. This better not be permanent.

I knew I should have crawled and archived it ASAP.

If it wasn’t so fragmented and organized 1990s web circle style it would be a great book to make.

archive.org must have it all, but they should just sell a dvd of the entire site.

When he died, lots of people said that they had archived the whole site on their HDs, just in case. I really doubt it’s anything other than a temporary problem, though. The website is run through Harris Cycles, and since much of it directs you to products sold through Harris, they have more motivation than anyone to see that sheldonbrown.com stays up.

yeah. 9000 servers went up in flames today in houston. i feel safe in assuming that has something to so with sheldon’s site, as well as a a few others i’ve seen today.

I saw this had happened a while ago :frowning:

Thought it was just me though