What kind of bars do you prefer?

  1. What kind of bars do you prefer?
  2. Why?
  3. What kind of riding do you do?

First preference: drops. multiple hand positions with a more aero position which is definitely noticeable when its windy.

Second preference: bullhorns. again multiple positions, and they generally just have a good vibe about them.

Syntace Stratos with that sweep on the flats. I don’t understand why when it comes to drops only very expensive carbon-wrapped-aluminum drops come with that sweep.

I like risers and flat bars. Gotta keep em wide enough for mashability. I never really feel like I need too many hand positions. If my hands hurt or get tired I’ll just ride no handed for a while. I just never liked drop bars, and bullhorns are ugly. Never tried a mustache style bar but those are REALLY ugly so I wouldn’t put one on my bike anyway.

risers. cause i like the way theys look.
my hands were gettin numb, so i just bought some padded gloves.
much better now.

I can’t imagine trying to do any kind of difficult and extended ride without an aero position. Even when I have risers on for dicking around with tricks I end up riding home into the wind praying hands style with my elbows on the bars.

Drops…for the positions and aesthetics. I was gonna get risers, but then I realized I don’t give one shit about barspins or other tricks. All I like is going fast.

i do 40+ mile rides on my risers.
yes. drops are more comfortable, but whatever.
it’s just a bike.

Are you guys commuting with drops? I’ve been told that there’s no sense in having track drops for commuting…

I’m currently building up a new bike, I’m on a bit of a budget… so I’m not sure what I want. I’ve only used bull horns and risers. My favorite bars are bullhorns with some drop… but, I’d like to try some drops.

Did this person say why it makes no sense? I commute with drops, but only 9 miles round trip. I’m fine with it. People commute with road drops…what’s the difference?

i am all about drops. i had some shitty bullhorns on my bike for a while, then got stuck in a headwind up a big hill and the first thing i did when i got home was switched them out for my drops. and for some reason no matter what bars i have my hands get sore really quick, it happens on every bike i’ve ever ridden.

i have risers and bullhorns, but i really prefer my narrow road drops the most. more hand positions, better tuck, etc.

road drops with levers

Likewise. I alternate between ergo and traditional bend, depending on what bars I came across when I was building whichever bike we’re talking about. I even use road drops (sans levers) on the track.

glad im not the only one who does this

I ride bullhorns for everything but sprint races. Perfect for the city where I’m much more concerned about control than aerodynamics. I like them 4-5in below seat level. That gets me reasonably aero but doesn’t have me all hunched over. I had some stratos for a while but I wanted something more to grab onto at the ends. I ended up cutting some 38cm drops and leaving a good amount of bar sticking up at the end. For cruising, I ride on the flats. For longer rides I’m mostly on the bends or just in front of the hooks. For wind or to get really aero, I grab the hooks like joysticks, lay my wrists as much as I can on the bars with my forearms parallel to the ground.

The aero position isn’t supremely comfortable, but it’s a pretty deep tuck with my back pretty much flat. I don’t need to use it often.

I tried to ride drops in the city but couldn’t get the hang of it. I only felt secure and in control in the drops and it just wasn’t comfortable. And I never could skid them. My good friend has commuted brakeless on drops ever day for years.

I use too many hand positions and have too much pride to ride risers.

I ride bull horns almost exclusively. To get aero, I just rest my forearms on the flats (only performed on smooth roads.)

i love the fact that every fucking bike out there has bullhorns, yet people still won’t use risers cause they’re “over played”.
not starting anything, but if you took a poll, i’m sure most fixed gear/ tarck city bikes have bullhorns or drops over risers.
just sayin…

bullhorns, but right now im running these awesome criterium drops. narrow as fuck.

I don’t need to pop wheelies so much to have risers. Plus I still get 4 hand positions (Near the stem, flats, corners, horns) with my bullhorns not counting my “aero” technique described above.