What platform style hitch rack should I get?

Needs to work with a class 1 1 1/4" hitch, I would prefer something that works with fendered bikes and mountain bikes, but fendered bikes are not a requirement.

I’ve used a Saris that was nice. It’ll take fatties, so there is probably room for fenders, but there is a big piece that covers most of the wheel so it might be supporting the bike by the fender.

Why so serious about platform? Have you even slightly considered a hanging type?

Worst case scenario you wrap the top tube with clear bra vinyl

Full suspension mountain bikes.

:door: In that case, In for this. I’m thinking about building something like this (although hanging type might still be possible, depending on how small the front “triangle” is.


looks interesting. better than the ones that sit in a little channel, imo.

Get a Thule T2. PM/text me and I can find you a good deal on one.

It looks like the Thule Doubletrack fits my needs better, why do you suggest the T2?

I like the way it clamps on the tires instead of the frame. It’s also a somewhat sturdier rack, though I wouldn’t worry about that, since both are very well built. T2 also has an integrated cable lock. Both are awesome and will probably make you happy.

If you had a 2" receiver, I’d say T2, no question, since it has a dedicated 2" version as opposed to the somewhat annoying 1 1/4" to 2" adapter the Doubletrack requires. The 2" T2 can be extended for four bikes as well. Since you have a 1 1/4" hitch, though, neither of those major benefits will be of any use to you.

I’ve got a Saris Thelma for those times when I run out of space on the roof. Carries my fendered RB-1 no problem and has a 29errr position.

I use a hanging one with FS MTBs. One of them is even a 15" (gf’s). You can make it work- just in case you run across a great deal on one or something. You just have to figure out how to hook under the downtube or seatstays if needed. Once you find the perfect way to fit them together, it’s no sweat ever again.