what should i do?

okay some of you may already have read this on BFSSFG but i would like as many opinions as i can get on the bikes so i can weigh them out and make a decision.

im gonna buy a new bike cause my conversion may be getting retired soon. and not be my every day rider.

so im down to the kilo tt ,the kilo tt pro, 09 schwinn madison, and 09 raleigh rush hour.

money wise the kilos are a perfect price on BD but i can get the rush hour on a payment plan at my lbs. and prob the same for madison

so in your opinion is one of these bikes a better buy/better bike.

is the rush hour worth the $250 more than the kilo?

drop some knowledge on me i keep weighing out the decisions and cant decide

the kilo tt is the best out there for the price.
but what’s good for some people may not be good for you.

i personally like the madison, but would never spend that much for an off the peg entry level track bike. the kilo tt is perfect balance of price and components. you won’t get that much of a better bike with the madison or rush hour, just be like everyone else and get a kilo tt.



What they said. Do it.

Do it, do it, do it.

I’d put the choice between the Kilo TT Pro and the Rush Hour.

Buy the BD and use the saved money buy some stuff that will make cycling more comfortable. Good clothes and shoes are a better investment than most components.

i say kilo tt. i had one of those neon orange ones from bikeisland and it got a lot of complements. it has nice geometry and rides pretty well.

Way to only come here when BFSSFG fails. Wait, isn’t that what everyone did?

Anyways, I’m not gonna read your full post but you should probably do what they told you to.

I love you Jacques.


i like my tt

that video jacques is awesome!

+1 on the kilo. I like mine

Get the kilo, with the money you save upgrade the wheels. Put the stock wheels on craiglist and recoup $100 to go towards a new saddle, pedals, all those little things that you want to spend money on anyways.

thank you everyone for your opinions. way better advice than bfssfg.

That’s cause BFSSFG is bed of retardation.