RIGI bici corta (short bike). S/N 501. 57cm. Original owner. Original paint. Shimano 600 hubs, 7-speed cassette sprocket, 13t/21t installed, 13t/24t available. Shimano STI brake/shifter levers. Matrix clincher rims. Gian Robert front derailleur, Shimano 105 rear derailleur. 37.0 inch wheelbase. 77 degree head angle. 20.5 lbs. EXCELLENT CONDITION. Runs/shifts perfectly. Highly maneuverable. Very manageable stability. Fantastic cornering. FRAME: $1800.00. Components negotiable. 650 380-2881. Additional photos available.


seems like a fun ride

looks comfy



fuck a drops

i dont even the whatthefuck is

the price that’s $1500 more than it should be? teh chopped bars? the geo? the seattube(s)?
this is standard issue craigslist jackassery

That geo looks awzum.

Build is meh, though, and it’s overpriced.

Hella-tight experiment in steep germetry. The build is jackass, but those frames are cool. I can’t remember for sure, but most of the ones I’ve seen were made by Clark Kent. Not all of them though.

I have a friend with one of those. It’s built a LOT better than that one is.

Still a totally silly bike, though.

Wait, I just re-read the ad, and dude is trying to sell the frameset for $1800. Not even the whole JA build.

What a guy.

Someone should email him saying that you wouldn’t sell that frame for less than $3000. See if we can get him to raise the price.