What type of lock to get?

I need a new lock(s) for my bike so I am asking for advice. The problem I am finding is that I guess I need 2 locks. One to lock the rear wheel and frame to some object, and then another to lock my front wheel to my frame. The only reason I am concerned about my front wheel is that its a HED 3 with a quick release. I was thinking of a kryptonite new york lock + an evolution mini for the front wheel/frame. However I dont know if a mini will fit around the hed+aluminum pista concept frame. What about the kryptonite noose style chains? Or can anyone suggest some other ideas.

i think a mini would fit. can you go to a bike shop and test? ask a friend who has one?

None of the bike shops here carry the minis. i measured the 3.5 by 5.5 of the lock and held it to the frame and wheel, and it would be very close.

just get one u around the rear and run a cable from the front. you can also get axle’s with nuts and swap that for the qr

you can swap your axel out for a botl on one. but theres an easier and better solution.


these if anything are better than bolt on axels, cause you need a non standard tool to take your wheel off (comes with the tool), and no labour of changing your front axel setup.

oh and kryptonite evolution minis are very nice, my friend has one, and i wish it was mine.

+1 on loosing the QR. Only my MTB has QRs and that’s because it never gets locked up. I swore off those stupid things after my first (and only) stolen wheel. Stupidest invention ever. Go with the kripto mini. You can always throw in a cable if you’re really worried. Or you could sell the HED and buy a cheaper and more practical (though admitedly less tarck) wheelset, and stop worrieing all together.

QR skewers are the fucking jam, just lock the wheel up when you go.

Anyway, I will maintain that the best lock for the money is the OnGuard Mini Bulldog.

OnGuard Mini Bulldog is a fantastic lock.

QR are great when you need to change a flat.

^I guess, but:

Also, you can’t open a beer with a QR.

So I should add a bunch of weight to my bikes and carry around a fairly expensive and heavy tool in order to remove the wheel? I’m not rushing out to replace my track nuts with QR skewers, but I’m not so biased against QR that I’m going to convert something.

IMO you should always, always use two locks. Rear + frame, front + frame. Best piece of mind, whether you’re riding a road bike with two QR wheels or a track bike with bolt ons.

What two locks do you carry? Two u-locks seems like it would be difficult.

What two locks do you carry? Two u-locks seems like it would be difficult.[/quote]

An Ongaurd Bulldog mini and an Avenir R-Mor (armored cable lock). I would use two U’s but there isn’t a U-lock wide enough to get around the downtube AND the front wheel of my Leader.

How would two U’s be difficult?

Oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s no way that I would go to the trouble of changing my QR axels to nuts, no way! But I have gone to the slight expense of trading out the QRs for locking scewers. As for the tool, I guess I’m just not all that concerned about a few extra ounces in my bag. It’s not like caring a paving brick or something. Or, idon’t know, a second lock.

Two u locks would be difficult because it’s more to carry, you can’t very easily carry them together (not in a bag, at least), and because having one in each pocket would be really uncomfortable, I think.

You have to carry one lock, two is not going to be an issue unless, as you said, you’re carrying them in pockets. I always keep them in my bag. I think the majority do as well.

I carry the krypto ny fahgetaboudit U and a krypto 20mm braided cable for the front. I feel alright about locking my bike up, but still it worries me.

Which cable in particular? Does it have its own lock or just loops for the u-lock? I’d love to find a 20mm version of the latter, but am not having luck looking online.

it’s got it’s own lock… not sure what the name of it is… some kind of vicious animal or mythical creature