What would you have done in my situation?

So i’ve been trying to sell this: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/bik/882708985.html bar and stem combo for over a month, I get an email this morning from a guy who wants only the stem and i agree to that. I meet up with him at the berkeley flea market cause he’s a vendor there, I had previously told him all the measurements, 100mm, 1 1/8, 31.8 clamp, he gives me $15 for it the clamp was a little big for his bars but i told him he could get a shim… so me and my friend are just leaving and he calls, shouldn’t have answered, he tells me it doesn’t fit with his fork for an iro even though he has some sort of an adaptor which is supposedly 1 1/8…wants his money back, offers to give $5 for coming out, my friend says “wanna just leave?” (somthing like that) so we walk around the block to avoid seeing him at the stairs and drive off, i see him in the distance trying to call me as were in the car and duck as we drive by, he pointed at the car i guess…

Anyways, was that really fucked up? He didn’t know jack shit about his bar size or fork/adaptor size, it was a fair deal I don’t have to give money back after an offer has been accepted. There’s no way in hell id get $15 for the stem so i had to take it, its his problem now right? I gave him the correct measurements. I never directly said “Sure ill give you your money back” i was just kinda like uhhhmmmmm well…and hes like “alright ill be at the stairs”. I could have well been gone already, told him that, or just have not answered my phone and i wouldn’t feel bad. It would be different if you were actually in the situation. poor as shit, need to pay my friend off for a bike, dont work, keep procrastinating about getting a job, lazy bum. $15 is a big deal to me.

Sorry about my badly written story.

And I dont know why the pictures have that fuchsia tint some of you mentioned in another picture. They’re not like that on my other computer, and they were taken on my friends camera so im not gonna worry about adjusting anything. It could be photobucket that does that…

thats lame

He offered you $5?

what goes around comes around, brother.

i sold some book to a chick once. i was walking to the bookstore later and she was right there and was all, oh i realized this wasnt the book i needed, can i have my money back. i felt bad and gave it to her. i was sorry i decided to go to the store right then…

Your integrity is worth more than $15.

The whole “now it’s your problem” approach works better with ebay (sell “as is, no returns” of course). I would have tried to convince him he could make it work. If not, the $5 for your trouble was decent of him.

Not to make you feel horrible or anything, it’s just that it makes sense to look out for your reputation.

Can you still get ahold of him, apologize, and blame your friend for having an emergency or something?

I say the dude was in the wrong. He was informed way ahead of time of the mesuremets of everyhting and could have checked his shit out to make sure it fit.

Remind me never to buy anything from you.

I would not have been as a$$hat for sure. 15.00, 50.00, or 500.00 it doesn’t matter. Integrity is important. Get 5.00 for your trouble and try to sell it again.

yeah, but just because AI was a weird prick about the return doesn’t mean that that guy should have gotten one. it sounds like the buyer was being a shit in the first place. “here are all the specs, will it fit?”-“yeah, its all good, thanks” “oh, wait, i’m a dickhead and got it all wrong…refund now pleasethanks.” i would have given the refund, but also told the guy he didn’t really deserve it.

AI_…if $10 means that much to you then why the fuck are you posting here? go and get a fucking job.

I actually have an anecdote. So I ended up selling my pink disc wheel on craigslist. Some kid offered $100 (I had a lot of low offers), and he didn’t really ask me anything when he picked it up. Well he calls about how he wants to skid and how thought it was a fixed gear wheel. I sent him a link to sheldon browns page about suicide conversions. I haven’t heard back since. I felt bad because I didn’t want to take it back but I feel good because I informed them.

And stop driving a car.

I felt bad to begin with, thats why i posted this, many of you agree it was pretty fucked up which makes me feel worse. Im not some heartless asshole.

I’d just like to see it as: if we left right after the transaction, we would have been on the freeway by the time he called. Can fix that. We were in a rush to go to that red bull soap box race in sf but dident even end up going, it was in the heat of the moment. But i still cant cover up the fact that i was there and answered his call and could have refunded him his money.

Thanks for those who dident see anything wrong, but majority shows that it was fucked up.

I should give him an apology.

And stop driving a car.[/quote]

I dont drive a car, i dont have a drivers lisence. but yes, i do need to get a job. Im horrible at procrastinating though, ive been telling myself that since the begining of summer. Although i hate dealing with cars while riding, they are very helpful Ill drive someday… but Id much prefer to ride a motorcycle if i dont have to haul anything and its too far to ride.

You’re not a dick. When buying from Craigslist there’s no salesman and no return policy. You should go into a transaction like that with some sort of expertise. You provided sufficient information. Don’t sweat it bro.

I probably would have refunded the dude, but it’s still caveat emptor, so you may have dickishly escaped giving a refund, but if I was that dude, I couldn’t be too upset about it. But I’m nice to a fault and don’t think you’re in the wrong.

Happened to me with a router I had been trying to sell for months on craigslist. It’s not wireless, and the lady thought it was.

She called me 5 minutes after we did the deal and asked me where the antenna was. I went back and refunded her money. She let me keep $5.

Still got it if anyone wants it. 8 port linksys, tarck as fuck!

sucks that guy didnt know what he bought and got the wrong thing.

you did your part, it was a silly thing for him to ask for his money back. i would have come to the same end, but probably tried to handle it a little better.

^ what the fuck?

well i would have given him money back. iunno, i have one of those consciences. if i sell something to someone i’d like them to be satisfied and if it doesn’t work then no deal. i wouldn’t like to someone something they can’t use. but you’re not in the wrong of anything business-wise. he can just sell it to someone else, he works at a market booth.

It seems to me that you should have talked to the guy, but it isn’t at all clear that you were under any obligation to refund the money. You sold him what was advertised and it wasn’t defective. Would you have been willing to drive to this place for $5? I wouldn’t.

Maybe I have just had too many flaky experiences with buyers of CL.