What's the deal with messengers?

My strap broke, and I saw some dude on a bike, with a little tool kit on the back of his seat, so I thought, maybe he has an extra one that I could buy.

So I caught up, turns out he was riding fixed.

I asked him, and he just said “I don’t even use straps or clips”, and I just said “whoa, word, that’s nutso!”, and his response, almost yelling, was “I’m a fucking courier, and I know how to ride a bike, so I don’t need any of that crap”.

What’s the deal?

was he riding clipless?

no, platforms, and sans brake.


this is why everyone says blah blah is a strong rider, used to mess back in the 90’s

Maybe he was just stressed, and feeling insecure about his pedals. You’re lucky he didn’t pull his u-lock :colbert:

it was JACQUES

what’s the deal with airline food?


Is asking people for an extra toe strap common? That’s kinda weird, dude.

zen bro, zen

yeah, i forgot to mention that, no one carries extra straps with them. if your straps break that often you need better straps. get in on that double strap group buy dude.

No doubt the “messenger” was a major douche, but seriously, extra straps? Who the hell asks for that, or expects other riders to be carrying some? Most people don’t even use straps, since this is 2008 and clipless pedals are cheap and easy to come by.

i carried extra straps. shit happens.

I have a team car with an identical bike following me on every ride.

oh shit! mr. high roller right there.

actually someone by that description might tell jacques to shove his straight bars and skinny jeans up his ass. right jacques?

I have an extra strap on my polo bike? Shit breaks. Its really not that strange to have a spare.