What's the deal with messengers?

Just 1 bike!? HA!

I think your true identity as BikeSnob has just come out…

So glad I’m not the only one.

actually someone by that description might tell jacques to shove his straight bars and skinny jeans up his ass. right jacques?[/quote]

Hey dude. Welcome to the no barspin zone.

I carried an extra strap back when I used toe clips and straps, but that was because they could be pressed into service for other things. This was also back in the early 90s. Except for trying clips/straps again this summer (lasted all of 5 miles), I haven’t ridden a bike with them since 1997.


If you guys keep an eye on your shit and look it over from time to time, chances are you won’t be stuck with a broken strap in the middle of nowhere. They show wear before they break.

I’ve still got a couple of older Campy toe straps that I swapped out before they exploded. They work great for keeping the front wheel straight when you throw a bike on a gravity stand.

I have given away plenty of tubes, CO2 and time on the side of the road but I have never heard of anyone asking for a toe strap. You can finish your ride without that. As for the messenger element, well, there isn’t any rule that says messengers can’t be dumb like everyone else.

what is this? fucking bike forums?

Anyone that registers just to start some epically lame thread like this should be banned.


^doesn’t look like ignoring to me


well you are an idiot too, so i’m not surprised you don’t understand.

I love you Carl.

One fingered hate typing.

edit-validated hate by the way, I didn’t notice this guy registered to post this poop.

Can we just make Zombie a mod and see what happens? Work is slow today :bear:

So many bans.

dude i broke a toe strap as i was pulling off a light in front of a ton of bike commuters. i laughed, and rode to the nearest bike shop and bought a package of toe straps. why the fuck would you ask someone for a toe strap?

Sometimes when my clipless gets worn, I go up to random messengers and ask them if they have an extra cleat.

Do you have an extra bike lock?

thats a way to meet some neat folks