Whats the worst bike part or accessory you've ever used?

I’d have to go with the dura-ace 7700 bottom bracket. What a piece of shit. It would mysteriously tighten down on itself to the point where I felt like I was pedaling through sludge at least once every two months. The cups and lockring were made out of soft aluminum so the notches would get torn up by my lockring wrench. The seals were terrible too, the grease would be all gritty after the inevitable 2 month overhaul.

Park hcw-5 lockring tool would be a close second.

I have a paisley top tube pad that matched my pista concept.
That’s pretty embarrassing.
It now protects my bike pump.

Selle San Marco Ponza saddle.

that thing ate jeans like like a monster. I was nervous to even ride in real cycling gear on that saddle because I didnt want a crotch hole in a $100 pair of cycling pants.

Plastic clips.

This. And also, grip shifters.

I like plastic clips. But grip shifters, yeah, fuck those things.

Frame pumps. Almost all of them. It’s probably me, but I stand a decent chance of ripping valves off tubes w/o a hose.

Sora groupset and Formula hubs.

Stamped cogs.

someone at polo a few weeks ago had a mini-pump that had a flexible hose like a floor pump. It also had a tab you flip down that you can step on and use it as a floor pump.

best pump ever.

Topeak Mountain Morph.

http://www.google.com/products?hl=en&q= ... 1&ct=title

I got one too :wink:

I have the Road Morph version, fits right in my bag. The rubber seal around the valve connect is a little snug so you still have to be careful when you disengage it from the valve but it’s still a nice piece of kit.

Worst thing I ever got was Profile Design bar end brake levers, cheap and nasty. One would never sit in the bars properly and would rotate when you squeezed the lever.

that light we all ordered for 3 bucks.

soma quad gate toe clips. what a joke.


Those, grip shift, or those old Shimano Push-Push underbar MTB shifters from the early 90s.

man what?! I love mine. what do you use?

Why do they suck? I’ve been thinking about getting a pair.

bwaahahahahahahah yup.

[quote=“blickblocks”]Sora groupset and Formula hubs.

Stamped cogs.[/quote]

what is there not to like about formulas?

i had some of those errebi double straps that just plain fell apart in their first winter

+1 on the san marco ponza, or -1, or whatever, i got one a used one for dirt cheap, but it sucks ass.

Ive done this to a couple of tubes with my crank bros mini pump.

Nitto B123’s…Fuck those bars