Wheel Building??? IN TOO DEEP???

I didn’t want to hijack the other wheel thread so I thought I would start another on wheel building.
I have never Built a wheel. It is the only part of a bike that I have not torn down and built back up… I am a little intimidated by it but I know I need to just dive in.

My question is… I was recently given a set of Velocity Wheels (not Deep V’s) that are Laced to Velocity track hubs. They are tubular(awesome!) and machined for brakes(not awesome for track). The guy that gave them to me thought he was hooking me up and I am happy to have them. The thing is, I am running Mavic Ellipse on my track bike, and these don’t seam like an upgrade. Tubular is an upgrade, but otherwise I think i would rather roll the Mavics until I can afford something DEEP and CARBON to race on.

How difficult would it be to swap out the Hubs? I would really like to lace these Rims to a quality road hub and use them for Crits on my road bike (9sp shimano)… Is it just a matter of hub for hub? equipment wise? would I need anything else? Can I reuse the spokes? Any advice on how to do this on a tight budget is appreciated…

first off dont be stubborn with the advice i am about to give…

no you cant just swap hubs you will need to get new spokes as most hubs have different dimensions which affect spoke length. other than that all you need is a spoke wrench or screw driver, time, and some means of truing the wheel.

wheel building is definitely fun, i say go at it.

To reuse the spokes, you need the dimensions of the hubs to match, which they won’t because the road hub will be built with the DS flange more toward the center to create room for the cassette.

All you need to do is get the right length spokes and a hub with a freehub and you’re set.

It will be as difficult as it is to build a wheel. Removing the old spokes isn’t fast either.

well, i dont usually reuse spokes, and if you dont plan to, then a good pair of cutters will make it super fast.
easiest way to learn is to look up a good tutorial online (there are a few) and take it slow.
do it with a spare wheel so you’re not hell bent on finishing it by XX:XX time.
lacing is the easy part. its tensioning and truing a freshly built wheel that takes some practice.
dive in. good luck.

Thanks for the response guys! Now I just need to track down hubs… any recommendations on where to get spokes???

nashbar has wheelsmith double butted spokes for cheap right now. what spoke count are the velocitys that you got? you could ebay ultegra or DA road hubs fairly cheap. velocity has a house brand road hubset that is pretty cheap and light… might be worth looking at that, too. lots of stuff to look at here http://www.prowheelbuilder.com

Careful if your going to cut spokes out. The cut spoke makes a good projectile. Before cutting them out its a good idea to to slack them up a bit to prevent rim damage.

Spoke calculator:


Excell sports is a good source for less then box quantities on spokes. When no one else has the sizes I need them come though.