Where the trail ends



It’s like they just just used computer magic to replace a skier with a cyclist…and to turn it into summer…


Fuck, I want to mtb sooo bad now

Saw that last year and wanted to buy a freeride bike before realizing I don’t actually live within 1,000km of any mountains. God damnit

I will never complain about dry or dusty conditions ever again

I love videos like that. Unfortunately, most of the videos with big mountain, off-trail epic shit like that contain 75% boring dirt jump sequences. Dirt jumping is fun and people are doing incredible shit, but how many backflip variations do I really wanna watch?

Videos like this are fucking amazing though.

Dunno, thankfully these days it seems like MTB videos are splitting between freeride/downhill trail riding, and dirt jumping. So while stuff like NWD could be a real drag when you watch 4 awesome trail/freeride segments and then hit 20 minutes straight of dirt jump bullshit, there’s a lot less of that going on now with the most recent big name videos like Follow Me, Seasons, LifeCycles and upcoming From The Inside Out which is going to be fucking rad as hell.

Should make this into a MTB video thread starting here on out ATMO, will post some when I get home

Do it. LifeCycles is shockingly awesome on a big screen, and I’m looking for other suggestions for sweet mtb videos.

Here’s a bunch;

This full length is going to be rad as hell. It’s coming out in December and I think the premiere is tonight in Whistler? Not sure if the embed will work properly, but the link is there. Ignore the fact that there’s two backflips at the beginning, hah.

From the Inside Out - Official Trailer on pinkbike.com

This one was really rad as far as full length movies go

And then on pinkbike there seems to be a full production quality edit coming out at least every week.

This one actually almost made me move to vancouver, even though it’s more slopestyle oriented it’s fucking magic

And then these guys popped up and pretty much make a killer edit every single time they point a camera at someone on a bike


And this clip didn’t do a ton for me except that the last 50 seconds or so features probably one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen someone attempt on a bike

Lifecycles is pretty awesome but if you watch it more than once or twice you realize that there’s actually only about 14 minutes of riding in it, which is a real drag. Some of the stuff by aaron laroque I think are on par cinematography wise though, someone needs to throw money at him to do a full length. He’s the one who did this one

Which I’m reposting because it’s just that fucking amazing


Which I’m reposting because it’s just that fucking amazing[/quote]

yeap, kicking out the rear end really is that fun, isn’t it?

me: “nice… well, almost at the cliff so that’s the end of the run… holy fuck is he going to ride that chute? holy fuck.”

Hot!! Reminds me of some videos of dudes riding in the Kamloops or Kelowna B.C. that I saw in the mid-late 90s and I’ve never been able to find since. Steep dirt, rooster tails etc. Of course it wasn’t on the scale of the OP: That was awesome!

That G-shock one, here I am 1:30am, and seeing that last bit I said ‘MOTHER… FUCKER!’ so loud I think I just woke up neighbors.

Just insane.

goddammit these guys listen to the worst music

truly fucking terrible

ok if MTB is the next tarck thing where do i get in on this?

we sell felt, focus and C’dale.or i can QBP something ??? and get a sid from sramshoppe

got around $1200

want to shred the gnars ploz halp

Cannondale Jekyll EP is pretty decent, and that’s a nice bike aside from the front derailer mounting scheme. That’s a solid trail bike that can handle some serious gnat. The RZ120 is solid if you want to try a FS XC bike and if you want a race-oriented hardtail, the Flash 29er can be had for a good deal and is a good use of a lefty fork. The Felt mtbs seem pretty boring to me and I don’t know shit about focus.

Also, don’t get a SID. If you’re getting a rockshox xc fork, go Reba. So much stiffer and more awesome. But yeah, the lowest spec Jekyll is a good bike with worthwhile enough components that you can definitely take it riding straight out the door, though every model above it comes with a Fox fork, which will feel just as good but will last longer before needing service, if our demo bikes are anything to go by.

yeah i have been thinking about saving up for a trek. EP deals I can get something pretty sick for around $1000-1200. i dont even know where to start though… hard tail or full squish? 26er or 29er??