Where to ride in/around Long Beach?

Heading down on the 26th for a week to take care of a friend’s house/dog while they’re out of town. Taking the road bike and the mountain bike and curious where to go riding. I’m not opposed to some travel time if need be, but keep it under an hour if possible. So, where can I get some good rides in? Climbing preferred, although slow.

Anything I can take the gf on? She’s a decent cyclist as well, and taking her bike too.

So, where should I go? Should I get some riser stem and hit a wall on a rapha ride?

Long beach Washington is a flat peninsula with meth and trailers. Also, jake the alligator man

try and get to south orange county beach cities for some small-close road riding, laguna beach, etc,
but for mtn. biking, this website is good
anything in chino/irvine/santiago is really good.

OR for road rides head to malibu hills up in LA, and Griffith Park is kinda fun, as well as Mt. Baldy.

I have some friends in socal who could show you some good riding. they like to mountain bike but if the weather sucks there is always the train ride along the coast.