Where'd you ride this weekend.

So it’s pretty much summer, and quite warm, at least here in CALEEFORNYA. So, any epic rides…?

I did 40 miles up the coast today which included this piece of shit.

Did it fixed running 48x18.

edit:I don’t know who george vargas

The lady and I have been tearing it up in NYC for the past week. Before that, Toronto.

olympia area, tire shortage has been taking it’s toll the past few weeks, shitty old tires time and time again… so many blowouts!

fuck it.

i’ve been waitin on rando’s for like 2 months from the bike shop.
that’s when they told me they ordered them.

Thanks to a bunch of people bailing on me, only a couple miles on saturday to go to Providence Pride, to the post office, and shopping for summer short shorts. Basically everywhere in my neighborhood, no where interesting.

Thanks a lot Nitro. Thanks a lot.

I didn’t even touch a bike this weekend. Far too busy.

It’s kind of annoying.

The Chart said Torrey Pines… Is that that crazy hill down in San Diego? I remember Riding from Hollywood to the train station in old town San Diego last summer. It was like 165 miles and we had this crappy map that didn’t list any roads except the ones that you use. Great unless you get off route. Anyway the ocean was on the right and this crazy hill went up to the left. we were at like mile 150 something, so we just kept our heads down and got to work. Then we realized we were lost/off route. We managed to find the train station, then we looked at the map again and realized that we were not supposed to climb the hill!!! the route actualy stayed right, and hugged the coast. If I do the ride again this year I wont make that mistake again…

Is that the same hill???

just got done riding Fort Worth, TX with IT band syndrome!

now i am icing my knee

and watching platinum weddings on We . … . because i am in that industry.

Downtown trip Thursday, 10 miles.
Beer ride Friday, 13 miles.
Cruise last night, 5 miles.

Probably gonna go downtown again tonight, we shall see.

[quote=“crushkilldestroy”]I didn’t even touch a bike this weekend. Far too busy.

It’s kind of annoying.[/quote]
In the time it took you to write that post you could have done some barspinz in your living room. You suck.

Yesterday I rode to Tour de Fat, then back near where I’m staying to find a swap meet. Looked like an idiot riding back and forth on the street because I neglected to write down the address. Eventually I went back to the house, looked it up online, and headed back to the meet.

Today I attempted to get out of the city but my attempt was foiled by a) my lack of knowledge of the area and b) choosing a shitty, potholed, no-shoulder road. Ended up heading bike and making a game of racing cars the 4 miles to the lake and back. Did pretty good, too.

All told probably no more than 40 miles total, though.

yesterday to blue mound state park on my ss 29er - about 30 miles away by bike path i think. most of it is gravel and is awesome on my 29x2.3 tires. then i rode like 2 hours of super technical single track - which included about 6 spills and hiking the uphill rock gardens b/c i was tired/overgeared. i maybe sat down for 60 seconds during almost 2 hours of singletrack. then i rode back at night under the moon b/c my light failed. it was a pretty epic day - especially after 2 days of pedicabbing.

I rode from Monterey to Santa Cruz yesterday on my alu. track bike. Not too far (48 miles), but I see why people don’t tour on these things…

about 60ks a day friday to sunday… going absolutely nowhere, around the river, friend’s places, bars, around in circles.

good to have a weekend without inclement weather

pictures from todays rolling:

wish i could find the memory card for my little kodak

i organized an alleycat. i had never been in one, and i spent a lot of time organizing materials and designing the spoke cards and getting volunteers. the event stops were summer themes, with squirtguns, lemonade chugs, sunscreen, sandcastles and a sleip-and-slide finish line.

i was really pumped to be hosting/racing my first race ever, and i was following some guys up a ramp onto the sidewalk, endoed the curb and put a hole in my tire. end of race = super bummer. all before the first stop.

overall it was a success tho, everyone had fun. here is what the spoke card was:

I did 40 miles up the coast today which included this piece of shit.

Is that the same hill???[/quote]

Yes, that hill that shit is :colbert:

I love that spokecard by the way.

Nothing too crazy. Just around the neighborhood. Dialed in the fit of my Spicer and cut the steerer.

I rode no where as some dude on a BMX Friday flew into oncoming traffic, which happened to be my direction, and either didnt see me or thought I was gonna move blindly into the lane.

We were both going about 15 mph, I stayed upright, right leg took the brunt of the impact (was imping all day Saturday), I’m assuming his pedal or peg hit my lower shin (there another name for that part?). He also scuffed the chainstay near the dropout and totally annihilated two of my rear spokes and maybe even rendered the rim useless as theres something moving around INSIDE the rim along with a dented sidewall. So I’m assuming part of one of the nipples broke off because the spokes are still attached just have zero tension.

Further inspecting damage at the LBS later.

Well I guess I now have a reason to try out a Mavic Ellipse… :colbert:

BTW, the dude who hit me crashed really hard into a parked car. I didn’t bother stopping but made it my agenda to call him a fucking idiot as I rode away.

pascal, mad propsicles to you for the theme and the spoke card, that is a fucking awesome idea. My friends and I were thinking of organizing a halloween alleycat, with bobbing for apples, pumpkin carving, etc.

yeah thats one of the best spoke cards ive seen