Where's the D2R2 thread?

I just registered for the 115k… but know I’m not fit enough for a fun day.

Who’s in? I’m looking forward to seeing the usual suspects.

I’m in on the 160k, will be camping/partying Friday/Saturday nights

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also on the 160k, will be camping/partying Friday/Saturday nights
and hey, teh 2019 routes posted

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My crew is all leaning towards the 100k and peaches. I’m totaly on board with this plan.

Just went out to test my legs on some steep dirt Saturday. The PRs are because I did the steep side first for the first time with strava. I’m climbing okay, but have no endurance.


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100k and peaches :peach: here!

But I may be putzing around the day before, and would love to go real fast downhill.

On that note, any way to tie in the better than sex descent without climbing Pennel?

Oh why would you want to skip Pennel? :bear:

I’m driving out day of otherwise I’d join you for a little noodling around.

Looks like Thompson Rd is a mild way up to BTSD.

Or how about this?


Roll with us on the 100K!

Some friends who live in D2R2land took me a on a ‘special route’. Partially the 160k, way heavy on class IV roads and improvisational way-finding (hiking). The instigator told me in advance to bring big tires, but I was the jackass on a road bike with 30s. Only popped my chain. Not sure how my bones, wheels + tires survived unscathed.